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2012 15" MBPr GT650M + GTX760@4Gbps-TBEC2 (PE4L 2.1b) + Win7 [ScantyChunk]

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Hey everyone.

After a long time, I've figured out how to get this damn thing working. Most of this was a personal endeavor, so I don't know if this is 100% foolproof.apathy.png

I'll start with my specs:

15" Retina Macbook Pro

Intel i7 2.7GHz (Probably Ivy)

16GB DDR3 RAM (I've read that this causes problems but the override thing is insanely complicated)

Geforce 650M dedicated graphics

I also have Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics, but I don't think Windows recognizes it.

I've got the whole eGPU shabang:

PE4L 2.1b

Sonnet Expresscard Pro

Some 700W PSU - I think 500W is okay

A GTX 760

A Riser (to get the PE4L to a x16) - You don't need this

and a 2m TB cable.

1. Have Windows installed on a Bootcamp partition. I have Windows 7 64-bit. The partition is formatted with NTFS.

2. Wire up all of your stuff for your eGPU. Don't turn it on yet. Unless someone's instructions say otherwise.

If you don't have the hardware, follow the "stuff to buy" instructions in this guy's guide. You can also follow most of his instructions. It helped me a lot when I was first trying to get this thing working.

3. Download and install the DIY eGPU Setup 1.x

You need to follow the installation instructions. Make sure you have the program installed on your computer, AND installed on a flash-drive.

I did NOT modify the files. (Like suggested here).

PCI compaction was successfully used to generate a pci.bat file to overcome error 12, no manual pci.bat needed.

4.Turn off your computer. Everything. eGPU too. Off

5. Watch the video I made to make sure you have the right settings and everything for starting up your eGPU, and getting it to work with your Macbook.

You're going to want to do the exact thing I do in the video.

DIY eGPU 2012 rMBP 15-inch Setup - YouTube

I also say PCU instead of PSU, so you can make fun of me and all that.

I think that that's it. I haven't dealt with setting up this thing for a while. So if you're having any problems or questions, let me know and it might jog my memory of some stuff that I accidentally left out.

Here's a thread where I talk to Nando about my problems. It might help you. idk


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