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  1. Mate this egpu setup cost 600 for me it is lot of money and if it didn't work I would be really pissed. By the way for setup1.20 was really usefull.
  2. hank you so much ! Two of my power cables were unplugged IDK why (shit cables ) working love you!!
  3. Nando do you know how to remove error code 43 permantly with setup 1.20 if it is possible. Because everytime I start my computer error code 43.
  4. Windows 8.1. Here where i put my setup: On this page http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/7910-diy-egpu-macbook-experiences-113.html
  5. Dschijn Do you know why I have nothing appearing on my external display? (using HDMI)
  6. Its a galax gtx970 oc or kfa2 gtx 970 oc. NOT THE EXOC OR INFINIT BLACK EDITION.
  7. Hey, I have an egpu problem. My Egpu is "working" but because I have a gtx650m as a dedicated gpu I need an external screen to make my egpu work. And this is the problem. I plug in hdmi nothing appears, I plug in DVI-I nothings appears.I probably should try display port but I don't want to waste 100Euros on a monitor how has one and will not work, if someone tell me it will work and be 100% sure I will buy. Also my egpu doesn't appear in geforce experience. I also need to do every a driver update because I get error code 43 Nvidia tell me to restart but I don't this is maybe the problem. ( If you know how to remove definitly this error code 43 will be great) I am also using setup 1.20. Specs: Mid 2012 Macbookpro, 16gbram, DGPU GTX650M, Intel core i7. EGPU: GTX970 4gb, Akitio thunder2, Dell 220w .
  8. I can run Fire Strike without a problem, maybe it was just the first test that doesn't jive with my system for some strange reason.... Got tired of messing with my bulky Cooler Master 130 and opened my Akitio case like you guys suggested. I took everything out & used a little black spray paint to clean it up a little. Pretty pleased with the results. Now to find a good compact modular power supply.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]14881[/ATTACH] How did you make it work on an external screen? Will it work only on display port? Because now I am using HDMI or DVI (testing ) but nothing appears on the external monitor.
  9. My egpu is not do you know probably why?
  10. Hello Dshijn, What port a you using on your egpu for ypur external diplay?
  11. Did it switch to the external screen automatically. ? Or you used a program?
  12. Hi, I finally made my egpu work and it is looking great. But I have one last question how to you make it work in internal screen?
  13. yes it is working without the egpu otherwise my screen freeze in black after the windows logo. Do you have any idea no remove this screen freeze?
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