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  1. Use MBR file structure will solve your issues. I had been through this I feel you bro XD.
  2. In order to use eGPU setup 1.2, I set my SSD disk as MBR disk in "active" mode. So you would need to change your setting and reinstall windows 10. PS:I backup my system every steps in case everything crashs, such as after I install a clean system and backup once, after that I install bootcamp driver and backup again and so on.
  3. Well, usually I set my ssd as "active" state by using another PC, you would need to use terminal and type "diskpart" to get into the disk setting process.
  4. Your SSD needs operating system to work. Are you gonna use OSX or windows?
  5. The good news is that you can not only built eGPU for graphics design, you can also built RAID by installing a RAID card on the eGPU adapter and connect a few disks on it, that makes your computer fly XD
  6. Install win10 on external drive would be fine, in my experience, your external drive should directly plug into your Mac instead of a USB hub, otherwise the whole system would crash.
  7. I think it's less likely the fan's problem, your iGPU is different from enjoy's, and it's AMD. It can be a problem.
  8. Your case look amazing! I used Fractal Design Node 304 as my eGPU case, and I added LED lights in it. Btw why did you check "closeunsedbridges" ? Does it made any difference?
  9. Maybe this would be better than Bizon box, just need to wait for it a bit longer. https://www.akitio.com/expansion/node
  10. I have the same problem before, change your Kepler card to maxwell card and you would be good. Otherwise if you can not change it, just skip web driver installation and use default driver, after that force use dGPU only, crashes would probably be less.
  11. Kepler cards are not working with this setup, believe me, I have the same setup with you, and after I change my GTX TITAN to GTX 980 everything works like a charm, and I wasted a few months trying to get it work before, tried everything and failed, crashes every time and I got desperate. So change your card to maxwell card and you would be good.
  12. Thanks for replying quickly, I've been trying so many ways to get it work, changing PSU doesn't help, my original PSU is Cougar 850W which I think would be powerful enough for my setup, and I changed it to Corsair RM650W which is less powerful but reliable, and the problem persist, I tried it without the riser, the problem persist, I downclock with -105, the problem persist, so I doubted the card itself can be blamed, but I tested it on a normal desktop it works like a charm without any problem. Now I'm trying to reinstall my win10 and change another bootcamp driver to see if it would be any different. Btw usually I gaming with two gpu actively, GTX TITAN and GT 650M, I've been thinking about if I should disable my dGPU(GT 650M) when gaming? Since my laptop is Mbpr 2012 mid with dGPU build-in, but it crash in both situation(single gpu and double gpu).
  13. Did you just create c:\config by yourself? Because I couldn't find the folder. And by skipping that process, I'm not sure if it's because of that, I've been encounter system crashes such as "nvlddmkm.sys" BSOD when gaming in Windows 10 many times, Thanks in advance if you have any idea about how to fix it.
  14. Have you ever encounter any system crash such as "nvlddmkm.sys" BSOD when gaming in Windows 10? Thanks in advance if you have any idea about how to fix it.
  15. You should try using the build-in driver instead of webdriver, and switch dgpu only. I have the same issues with you and webdriver crashes even without egpu plug in. And btw have you ever encounter any system crash such as "nvlddmkm.sys" BSOD when gaming in Windows 10? Thanks in advance if you have any idea about how to fix it.
  16. I have almost the same setup with you guys, but there's some issues with my OSX system. Hardware: Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2012 (thunderbolt 1) NVIDIA GTX Titan Akitio box 850W ATX PSU Softwares: OSX 10.11.5 Windows 10 pro (MBR External USB 3.0 drive) WebDriver: latest Cuda Drivers: latest I've tested a few times on Windows and OSX, I found that Windows system is more stable than OSX. When I try to use Chrome and browsing webs it just freeze after a few minutes, but Safari works fine if I do the following step. I found that if I turn the "automatic graphics switching" OFF it would be more stable without crashes or freeze while using Safari, but sometimes it can cause another issue which is high load cpu "kernel task", it can cause cpu to reach 100% usage and the whole system becomes laggy which is not usable anymore. And Chrome just doesn't work in both situations. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. The only way that works for me is that you can install only one driver either for eGPU or dGPU, and you should disable the "automatic driver update" after use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller).
  18. I've been tried to adjust my GPU clock by afterburner as well, but I'm not sure how much I should downclock. And I'm curious about what exactly is the soldering mod you said? And btw could you please tell me how did you edit AGPM for handling the instability issues?
  19. This 850W PSU seems good enough for my setup, and I think it would freeze during benchmark in OSX was probably because of overheats issues, the reason is that I can not control fan speed of the eGPU in OSX at all. Btw I can not even get into Windows anymore, after automated startup by DIY eGPU Setup 1.2 software, my screen just go blank and fan speed of the computer turns faster and louder, usually I can just do nothing but force shutdown (sigh...)
  20. I'm using a Cougar 850W PSU, and thanks for giving me the idea of reflash gpu BIOS, I'll give it a try today, wish me a good luck. Btw I'm both Mac and Windows user, so if you have any solutions of instability issues of OSX eGPU project please let me know as well
  21. I have GTX Titan with my 2012 mid MacBook Pro retina. And the card has 6pin and 8pin connectors. I've got two thunderbolt cables connected was because one connected to my MacBook Pro and another one connected to the Ethernet adaptor. I'm not sure if the adaptor can be the problem or not, but it doesn't seems like a power-consuming stuff.
  22. My card is GTX Titan not Titan X to be clear, and it has PCIe power connector, 8pin and 6pin. I've connected all with one PCIe cable, I'm not sure if it can deliver enough power or not though, but I've tried to connect it with two PCIe cable separately and there was no miracle happened And I connected two cpu 4pin cables to the Akitio PCIe board instead of Molex cables because of the instability issues, I'm not sure if it's helping but I did it anyway. Btw I was able to login after I did PCI compaction use eGPU DIY 1.2 version and after a while I'm not sure what happened it just go blank(black screen) after the Windows logo, and now I just don't know what to do anymore...
  23. I've got no luck and failed it freezes suddenly again after benchmark right away...maybe my PSU is the problem but I've tried another one before and the problem is still there.
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