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Maximum GT650M overclock without modded vBIOS? M14X R2


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Hi All,

I'm going a bit nuts here, my understanding is that the M14X R2 stock GT650M runs at 745 Mhz max, but with a little help from MSI Afterburner you can add another 135 Mhz to this. Correct?

Well that part appears to apply fine, and then when I go into GPU-Z, it even shows the GPU Clock now at 880 Mhz --- however, when I go into the Sensors tab, it will never go higher than 745.2 Mhz! (MSI Afterburner sensors are the same).

Am I missing something very obvious here? It sure feels like it.

For BIOS I was on A12 and now on A14.

Drivers I was on 331.82 and now on 331.93 (beta).

Appreciate any insights as to what I should be able to expect with standard BIOS versions.

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After battling with my own personal OCD demons, I managed to solve this.

I had to downgrade back to the official Dell driver 307.17 - after that it would even go all the way up to the boost value of 970 Mhz!

Hope this helps out someone else in the future.

Now the next question is, given that I can get a boost value of 970 Mhz and 3000 Mhz for the memory - how much more could I squeeze out of it with a modded BIOS?

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This exact same issue was bothering me. So I did as you did, installed the 307.17 alienware driver and my benchmarks were substantially better again. Now, that being said when I game my graphics card was being throttled super low...do you know what is happening?

Do you suggest to upgrade my video graphics driver or should I keep with the 307.17...

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