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Way to restore files from crashed Mac PC hard drive?


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I want to restore data from accidentally crashed Mac OS X PC hard drive. Will it possible?

You can recover lost data using Mac Data Recovery Software - Professional. To get this software you have to check prodatadoctor .net

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Is the drive still in good condition?

If the drive still works but cannot boot operating system, you have many options. ..The easiest option is if you have another Mac that you can connect the drive to and simply drag and drop the files that you want to keep (most will be /Users/{your username here} of the drive

Another option could be to reinstall the os without formatting the drive so preserve the data that you want to keep while returning desktop/laptop to a working state

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It depends on if the drive is broken or still working. As av24man said, you can use another mac to get the data off your hard drive if it still works.

If the hard drive is broken, try sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes, then take it out and bang it on a desk. This will dislodge the reading head from the platter.

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A great way to attempt to recover files is through firewire. If both computers support firewire, you can hook the mac with the broken hard drive into the working one and start the computer up in "target disk mode". Apple has some great support forums on how to accomplish this. You can use tools like disk warrior to see if you can salvage any info off the broken drive.

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If you have boot-able media. You can boot the OS and access the disk tools.

If the drive is still intact and viable, you can then image it to an external.

Then reinstall the OS, either on the existing drive, if it is not the cause of the crash, or on a replacement.

Then, use the option to transfer your data from and "existing" system and point it to the external.

It can migrate your profile in and repair as necessary.

I walked a friend through the process over the phone. It took a few hours, but it worked.

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