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Battlefield 4 / Beta Performance Thread

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Cheers all! Its been a while. I decided to load up the beta during initial release, dust off the performance optimizations on the m14xr2 and see how it holds up against the new shiny.




Nvidia 650mGT 2gb ram

120 SSD intel 3

8 GB ram @1600 with heatsyncs


repasted with ICdiamon24

I played on various 64 player servers in Chicago, LA and Dallas. The first thing i noticed in game was the constant haze which is annoying, but that aside lets go to beta performance.

Game Settings: Vanilla Medium (meaning medium with zero changes)

System Settings: Turbo enabled, Video clocks at 1010 gpu/2000 mem. (Inspector set to P:5)

Bios A13 (Dell)

Fan (HWinfo set to max)

Temps GPU 60-62 max

CPU 82-84c max

Nvidia Driver 331:40 beta

Windows 8 pro

FPS 64 player maps (full)

Avg 47

Range 42-52fps most of the time. Very playable

Still haven't decided if im going to purchase it or wait for Ghost. I miss the fully destructible environments of BFBC2 and keep feeling BF is moving in the wrong direction.

Good Luck!

Remember to update Punkbuster and then manually ADD bf4 as an installed game within Punkbuster Tool.

Side Note: For grins I change the settings to Custom and changed all the settings to ultra except AA, Ambient Oc and Post FX (set these to low or off) Still managed to stay at 40fps avg. I think the hit registration took a toll here and I certainly wouldn't play MP maps with Ultra as Hit detection is priority over looks. It dived into the 30s a lot.

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I got BF4 anyway and its a mix bag. The servers who maintain a strict MS response of less than 100 are outstanding. The public servers which allow 200/300 ms ping times are beyond fucking horrid as they always win in a 1 on 1 situation. I have been reporting the shit out of people who are taking advantage of it. If they are going to ruin my experience I am going to ruin theirs. Battlefield feels big and its amazing on many levels. The netcode just ruins it. Just my .02.

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