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HP 2510P Owner's Lounge [version 2.0]

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[Started 2-13-2009 as *HP 2510p Owners Lounge* (NBR). Relocated to T|I due to being banned by Lenovo fan ZaZ]

Welcome to the 2510P Owner's Lounge! A place to liase with other owners and share useful tips/tricks/mods to get the most satisfying user experience. A running summary is below:

Release Date: 27 June 2007 (pre-GFC build quality)


hpcompaq2510p.jpg 2510ptop.jpg

hpcompaq2510pleftclosed.jpg hpcompaq2510pbackclosed.jpg hpcompaq2510prightclose.jpg hpcompaq2510pfrontclose.jpg


Alert about HP's 2510P bios F.20 or newer - do NOT upgrade to it for these reasons unless you don't care for the awesome no-whitelist, dual-IDA, SLIC 2.1 modded functionality. Also expect your resale to be worse if it's got the > F.20 bios once buyers figure out they are the undesirable systems to have.

Alert about HP's newer and faster replacement ZIF HDDs

If your factory-delivered slow 60GB/80GB/120GB 2-platter Toshiba ZIF HDD has bad sectors then HP replace it under warranty with a higher-density thinner (5mm versus 8mm) single-platter drive. Eg: HP replaced my 80GB MK8009GAL with a MK8025GAL. It's still 4200rpm but my Win7 WEI disk increase from 3.9 to 4.4. It's faster and consumes slightly less power. The reason for this 'upgrade?' Toshiba no longer make those dual-platter models. 

Examples of modified 12" HP 2510P systems ordered by approx additional expense spent

Other Mods
PATA optical bay/2.5" caddy used
akwxc87 hdd: 80GB-5400rpm
- [email protected]
chris32303 hdd: 120GB MK1214GAH
- modded_bios, [email protected] >>2540P
mike60 hdd: 100GB Toshiba
- modded_bios, 6200AGN.wifi, F3507G.wwan
pata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/ebay usb_DVD [email protected], quiet_fan, >>2530P
sata-hdd: 160GB WD1600BEVS/ebay   [email protected], RT2571W_wifi, nc2400_palmrest, broadcom_HD, 9cell_83Whr
sata-ssd: 60GB OCZ Vertex/ebay - [email protected], quiet_fan, +others
sata-ssd: 90GB Kingston V200+/ebay - ??
sata-ssd: 96GB Kingston V+100/ebay - 6250AGN.wifi +2USB
rangeroverhse8 hdd: 240GB MK2431GAH
- modded_bios, [email protected]
Crx7 ssd: 60GB SuperTalent ZT2
- modded_bios, 5200AGN.wifi, 4GB RAM
sata-ssd: 128GB Crucial M4/ebay -  
pata-ssd: 128GB Transcend/newm    
zerGus ssd: 64GB ProIV
- hw_undervolt
e&i ssd: 60GB MX-Nano sata-hdd: some HDD/newmodeus usb_DVD+f.. modded_bios
Jay2k1 ssd: 32GB Mtron^2
e-sata [email protected]
tudorlaptop ssd: 64GB ProIV pata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/newm usb_DVD quiet_fan, >>x201
w0lla hdd: 80GB Toshiba sata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25MG2/newm - ??
Ayori ssd: 64GB K3VLAR
ZIFhdd_USB modded_bios, 4GB_RAM
Borh ssd: 64GB ProIV
- 93Wh_9cell
pocket_geek ssd: 64GB Samsung pata-hdd: 320GB WD3200BEVE/newm - HS2300.wwan, >>2530P
withanee67 ssd: 120GB MX-Nano
- modded_bios, 4GB_RAM
rr3636 hdd: 120GB Toshiba sata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25M.G2/ebay+newm - 4GB_RAM
Tech Inferno Fan & ssd: 60GB K3VLAR-E sata-hdd: 500GB MJA2500BH/newm^3 ZIFhdd_USB modded_bios, [email protected], quiet_fan, 
GTX470 eGPU, pc2-6400, MC8780.wwan >>2530P

RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here). 
^1 - can sell HP supplied ZIF PATA HDD to recoup storage upgrade costs | ^2 - only available as 32GB or smaller 
^3 - hotswap on demand as otherwise adds 0.8W power consumption overhead

US$180 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD_____ : US$150 2510P + US$90 60GB 2.5" SF1222 + US$20 ODDcaddy - US$80 ZIF HDD+DVD sold@ebay
US$225 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD+DVD : US$150 2510P + US$125 60GB 1.8" Supertalent ZT2 ZIF SSD - US$50 ZIF HDD sold@ebay. 

Ensure has minimal cosmetic issues, remaining balance of 3yr onsite warranty and a decent battery. I recommend a 2530P over a 2510P due to it's stronger build, SATA storage subsystem, longer battery life and superior performance.

OS, drivers and disassembly

Drivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.
Replacing a damaged LCD: one-gen older nc2400 shown with identical process.
Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.
Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.
HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook range

Two-finger scrolling touchpad driver
Win7 Quicklaunch buttons support

Win7/32: Modded X3100 video driver. Increases desktop WEI by 10%.
XP: downgraded X3100 video driver to correct high CPU utilisation at idle after a few mins of usage

BIOS/DMI modifications

modded_bios: Win7/SLIC 2.1, no whitelist, dual-IDA overclock, quiet_fan, pcie-ASPMs.
HP Flash BIOS Emergency Recovery: in case have a bios flash go wrong.
HP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password.Disabling AMT and TPM (serial/IDE in Device Manager) permanently
BIOS whitelisting mods. To add non-HP WWAN/wifi or external pci-e cards. Obsoleted by no-whitelist modded_bios.
Resetting a forgotten admin bios password - requires a systemboard swap, or boot-to-bios with a non-protected flash eeprom (near the 1.8" HDD bay), hotswap the protected eeprom and change the password OR flash a new eeprom with an unprotected password using a 4MB bios image.
Flashing bios in Linux using flashrom: partial read success only


2510P Performance Toolkit 1.0c to provide overclocked AC and undervolted DC profile switching.
setfsb/Throttlestop. Includes Win7 WEI+wprime benchmarking, PLL pinmod, ram timings.
166Mhz_bclk : A 133->166Mhz hardware PLL pinmod overclock - no longer need setfsb to do it. 
200Mhz_bclk: run a U7500/U7600/7700 as 200x6 instead of 133x8/x9/x10 for faster X3100 and RAM. 
Using Linux's grub2 bootloader. Useful too for non-Windows operating systems.

Improving battery life

Extending Battery Life. Includes power consumption measurement tools. 
hw_undervolt: undervolt by up to 0.135V (-16%) via VID3, VID2, VID0 pins.
93Wh_9cell: Install the 2540P 93Wh 9-cell battery for 12%/69% longer battery life than the 2510P's 9/6cell.

Software tweaks

quiet_fan: Almost silent fan using a custom ACPI dsdt table.
Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstyk
Increasing touchstyk speed under Linux/Ubuntu

Storage related

Undo the slave PATA 30MB/s sequential write speed capping
Manually setting ZIF/IDE transfer mode and standby timeout
Solution to 30 second bios hang when using a caddy
Disabling power saving to increase SSD write performance
SSD tweaks for Win7

Storage mods

1.8" ZIF compartment noting a 240GB ZIF HDD is not compatible with the 2510P as explained.

1.8" ZIF PATA SSDs available

ZIFhdd_USB: Convert supplied 1.8" ZIF HDD to a tiny USB drive using a US$7-delivered enclosure
Jumpering the 1.8" Toshiba ZIF HDD as slave and here. eg: run ebay caddy with a 2.5" sata SSD as master. 
Installing the ZIF cable and purchasing a replacement 2510P-specific ZIF cable
schematic snippet of the 2510P's 1.8" ZIF and optical drive schematics.

Optical bay compartment

2.5" SATA or PATA SSD or HDD using an optical bay caddy
Forcing master/slave on optical drive or caddy if there are no jumpers.
Setting the ebay caddy to run as slave. This works whereas link above it doesn't.
usb_DVD: Convert supplied 9.5mm internal DVD drive to an external USB unit using a US$15-delivered enclosure
usb_DVD+faceplate: Same as usb_DVD but swap ODD faceplate to have perfect appearance.


PCMCIA e-sata and here
Add a mPCIe USB 3.0 port: to run faster internal/external storage 
Add a mPCIe sata port - could thread internally to drive a non-bootable sata SSD/HDD in a caddy.
e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storage
Enabling and connecting to the ICH8M native sata port + detailed update. Anyone who can pull this off gets a prize smile.png

Other hardware mods/upgrades

nc2400 palmrest (kecsap): use a nc2400 palmrest if don't want the touchpad (inc other parts too)
How-to: Installing a Broadcom Crystal HD (BCM70012) into a nc2400/2510p (kecsap): improves HD video playback
4GB_RAM: 4GB memory upgrade + using extra 'inaccessible' RAM in a 32-bit OS as a ramdisk. 
+2USB: add 2 extra USB ports via a US$10-delivered PCMCIA card
pc2-6400_RAM: Upgrade your stock 2GB 667MHz RAM to 800MHz for free.
wifi-in-WWAN slot : using a USB mPCIe wifi card in WWAN slot
MC8780/MC8781 WWAN: add US$30 internal 3G card using 2510P's WWAN and SIM card slots and antennas.
2530P_keyb:. Fit the more contemporary, less busy 2530P keyboard.
webcam &: successfully add a webcam by tapping internal docking connector USB pins. See schematic snippet.
2530P nightlight retrofit : closest thing to having a backlit keyboard. 
Adding internal USB devices by tapping USB pins.
DIY eGPU. - desktop HD5750/GTX470-equipped 2510P for gaming/DVI/HDMI/S-Video accelerated graphics.
Systemboard swap: superLFM capable 800Mhz FSB L7700-1.8 CPU systemboard a direct swapout. A 2530P systemboard swap has been attempted.

Schematic 2510P-Quanta-OT2-schematic.pdf courtesy of laptopdesktopschematic. Block diagram in the spoiler:


Mini 2510P Review

The 12.1" HP 2510p ultraportable has an impressive 5-6 hour battery life from the 10W TDP ULV U7x00 CPU and 6-cell battery. It is rather inexpensive too which I assume is because it is now older tech and the reviews highlight the bottleneck 23MB/s 4200 RPM 1.8" PATA drive, dreadfully slow against 50-60MB/s 2.5" drives. The 2510p is a far better user experience than cost competitors such as a netbook and pricier newer CULV systems (see comparative SU7300/SU9400 overclocked performance). It comes with 3yr global onsite warranty, a decent-sized keyboard with touchpad and touchstyk, 1280x800 LED backlit matte LCD, pcmcia slot, mini firewire port, DVD writer, internal modem, bluetooth, WWAN-ready with mPCIe slot+antenna+SIM slot, 2xUSB ports with the left one being powered. Weighs 1.46kg with the 6-cell battery, without the 180gram DVD and has optional accessories available: docking station with s-video port, 9-cell battery. Links: comparison to a netbook, a good review. 

2510pvidreview.png 2510pquickspecs.th.png 2510p.th.jpg 2510pdockingstation.th.png img0199os5.th.jpg
4 - docking station ports | 5 - the slow ZIF PATA harddisk in the 1.8" drive bay

There are negatives as well: only 2 USB ports, a mono speaker, no webcam (unless mod one in), no HDMI, 1 RAM slot means a pricier 4GB upgrade with x3100 graphics working 20-30% slower than a dual-channel setup, the WWAN/wifi slots are whitelisted as are on all HP Business systems, and the bottleneck with 4200rpm 1.8" PATA harddisk. 

2510P, 2530P, 2540P, 2560P differences
Item/Owner's Lounge 2510P 2530P 2540P 2560P
unwhitelisted bios yes yes no no
PLL/overclocking ICS9LPRS355/yes ICS9LPRS397/yes no no
LED-backlit LCD 12.1" 1280x800 12.1" 1280x800 12.1" 1280x800 12.5" 1366x768
primary/optical bay 1.8" ZIF/pata 1.8" usata/sata 1.8" usata/sata 2.5" sata/sata
CPU/chipset 65nm Merom/965GM 45nm Penryn/GS45 32nm Arrandale/QM57 32nm Sandy Bridge/QM67
FSB Mhz U7x00/L7700 533/800 U9x00/L9x00 800/1066 1066 1333
Graphics x3100 4500MHD Intel HD HD3000
no of RAM slots single channel (1) dual channel (2) dual channel (2) dual channel (2)
RAM DDR2-667 DDR2-800 DDR3-1333@1066 DDR3-1333
Wifi 4965AGN 5100AGN 6200AGN 6205AGN
expansion slot PCMCIA+mPCIe expresscard 1.0+mPCIe expresscard 1.0+mPCIe expresscard 2.0+mPCIe
WWAN-ready yes yes yes yes
webcam and nightlight no, consider mod yes - on some models yes yes
Displayport/HDMI no no, consider DIY eGPU yes/no yes/no
USB ports (+ODD caddy) 2 2+1 3+1 3
native e-sata no no no yes
keyboard traditional traditional semi-chiclet island
Bootable SD card? no yes yes yes
Weight with 6-cell+ODD 1.63kgs/3.59lbs 1.70kgs/3.75lbs 1.81kgs/3.99lbs 1.92/4.24lbs

2510P/2530P/2540P HP Accessory List shows shareable accessories between 25xxP units.

COL=undersirable features of the series.

The sum total of the features, and mod possibilities, when combined with a low buy-in price on ebay make the 2510P a bargain. So then how does one go about extending the functionality of the 2510P in a cost effective manner? Read on..

Acknowledgements: a cast of many 2510P contributing to this thread. Many thank yous.

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Hi guys,

So I recently bought HP 2510p, and as always, put in the latest drivers..including BIOS -_- So now I can only boot up my 2510p by taking the WWAN card out, even it is the original one?!?! Is there any possible way to downgrade the BIOS?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys,

So I recently bought HP 2510p, and as always, put in the latest drivers..including BIOS -_- So now I can only boot up my 2510p by taking the WWAN card out, even it is the original one?!?! Is there any possible way to downgrade the BIOS?

Thanks in advance!

No known method to downgrade F.20 or newer via software flashing. Need to either replace your bios chip with one containing a 2510P bios version earlier than F.20 to then be able to flash the no-whitelist modded 2510P bios.

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[started 8-25-2010 as *HP 2510p Owners Lounge* (NBR). Relocated to T|I due to being banned by Lenovo fan ZaZ]


Modified HP 2510P BIOS


DISCLAIMER: Use these modified bios at your own risk!! These modified bios have been beta tested to confirm they do not brick the system after flash. However you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from flashing or using of a system with a patched BIOS. These BIOS are not tested or approved by HP.


BIOS^1 no whitelist dual-IDA pcie_ASPM
fan_30pct fan_40pct
F.10 (264)
F.10 (269)
F.10 (268)
F.0F (262)
F.0F (264)
F.0F (269)
F.0F (268)

^1 (x) indicates number of bytes modified in original 2510P HP bios. F.0F is based off TTAV134's SLIC2.1+no_whitelist bios from here YELLOW = recommended


* SLIC 2.1: for Win7 usage.

* no whitelist: whitelist checks skipped so can use non-HP wifi/WWAN cards as explained here.

* dual-IDA: Disables the EIST-lock bit. This means then Throttlestop (TS) can do a dual-IDA overclock, gaining an extra multiplier and 10%-12.5% performance from any U7xxx/L7xxx 2510P. TS also unlocks extra overvolting range from 0.9V to 1.0V to provide higher maximum setfsb overclockability. L7xxx also gain a lower SLFM voltage floor for greater undervolting ability using TS. If you don't use Throttlestop then your system will run with the speed and power consumption as it did prior to flashing the dual-IDA capable bios.

* quiet_fan: exactly the same as quiet_fan's DSDT modifications but more conveniently located in the bios so doesn't require a DSDT override in Windows registry or Linux kernel. Can still use quiet_fan's DSDT override if run multiple OSs requiring different fan load profiles.

* pcie_ASPM: offers better power saving and eradicates a Linux dmesg warning as described.




Windows users


Download package of interest in the Version column on the right, double-click, extract to a desktop folder then run the HPQFlash file and follow instructions. The supplied HPQFlash is modified by TTAV134@mydigitallife to allow successful flashing of a modified bios. If HPQFlash doesn't do anything and you see a LOG file containing an entry WMI BIOS Flash function is not supported on this system, then install HP Quicklaunch on your system and try again OR perform a DOS based install like for Linux users below.


Linux users


Download and install modified rompaq from here. Download bios file of interest from above, extract rom.bin from the ROM.cab and copy it as 68MSP.bin on your DOS bootable USB thumbdrive. Reboot using the USB drive and install bios using the rompaq utility.


Bootup error after flash


If you get a message on bootup Your bios failed to complete the update. please ensure that you follow the correct procedures and try again. This may require two sequential bios updates to complete the process then apply mike60's fix here of flashing back to F.0E, flashing the non-modded F.0F then flashing a modded F.0F bios.


Which modded bios am I using and why?


I'm using SLIC21+nowhitelist+dual-IDA+fan_30pct with a 5100AGN wifi card. I've previously been using setfsb to overclock my U7600-1.2 to 1.6Ghz (178Mhz@x9) and created the dual-IDA mod in the hope to take the overclock further. Unfortunately my CPU is unstable at anything beyond > 1.66Ghz. Dual-lIDA mode's extra voltage not giving extension there. I can run Throttlestop, click EIST to use single-IDA x10 mode so some single-core apps will run at 1780Mhz (178@x10).


The dual-IDA bios mod was not necessary to run my single-IDA mode though it doesn't hurt to have it available and other users can get benefit from this. My Win7 WEI CPU score increased 0.2 points using single-IDA mode. The 178@x9 gave some intermittent video hangs on overclock, so I've gone to a rock-stable 160@x10 dual-IDA overclock instead. fan_30pct is also now in my bios.


No need for my DSDT override in XP or Linux and get a nice and quiet system.


For the more heavily loaded Win7 I'm using the fan_40pct DSDT override to avoid fan yoyoing b/w 30% and 55%.


Customising BIOS DSDT fan speed entries further (Advanced Users)


The place to tweak the fan speed settings further in the F.0F/F.10 rom.bin file is at: @0x714B2: fan speed table bytes matching quiet_fan DSDT fan speed table entries @0x6EC50: recommended checksum correction byte to use If you decrease the fan speed table entry values, then add the difference of their sum from their original sum total to the correction byte. This will ensure the total checksum of the DSDT table is zero. Otherwise Win7 will fail to boot with some ACPI/BIOS is not compatible type error.


Flash gone wrong? Use Emergency Recovery. You must use a USB floppy drive. A USB thumbdrive doesn't work.


Changelog (09-12-11) new 2510P bios: complete F.10 mod, added pcie_ASPM to previous F.0F and fixed bug in F.0F-fan30pct bios. (10-29-10) fan speeds altered as recommended by e&i

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Hi Tech Inferno Fan,

I got myself a 2510p and it turned out to be flashed with the latest bios. That's kind of a problem, because I want atleast the WLAN whitelsted.

So I read that if F.20 or higher is flashed, one can downgrade only with a programmer, but I'm having some issues with that. I flashed a 4MB dump I found over at your Owner's Lounge thread at NBR, the machine boots (and works), but there is a annoyng delay between the end of the POST and the actual booting itself.

After some more reading, I think this is a problem with AMT, but after a couple of days trying to figure it out, I can't find a solution. I tried most (maybe all) of the stuff I found about using CPQAMT, HPBI103, NBDMIFIT, but to no avail. When I flash the original F.30 backup I made before downgrade, there is no delay (as one would expect).

Any ideas on how to fix this annoying issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Just got to play with another 2510P. Two outstanding issues that I never got around to solving back in the day:

* 30s bootup delay with the newmodeus sata-to-pata caddy. In my previous posts on another forum I suggested changing the jumpers on the caddy to make it slave. Yes that is one workaround but gets 30MB/s write requiring further workarounds to improve write performance. A simpler solution is to set the BIOS option System Configuration->Internal Network Adapter Boot = enabled. This appears to run a different boot initialization routine that eliminates the caddy delay though adds a smaller delay trying to boot off LAN. The complete solution is to avoid the newmodeus caddy that uses the Sunplus sata-to-pata chip. Instead try to obtain the ebay caddies that use the Marvell sata-to-pata chip.

* losing wifi when doing PLL overclocking. Using setpll/setfsb sees the PLL set a very high PCIe clock on reboot which more often than not sees the wifi cease to work. The solution is easy. Simply disable TME on the PLL. HP have made that very easy for us to do. There is a 24pin debug port in the 1.8" drive bay. Simply fold pin1 onto pin2 ensuring they touch each other. It's a bit fiddly but can be done with a small precision screwdriver. That disables TME and gives clean overclocking without mucking up the pci-e clock.

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  • 3 years later...

I repost one of my link from "forum(dot)notebookreview(dot)com"

Pls. when you try bios, report it here/PM :joyous:


Right now I have lot of time (Covid-19 time) so I try digging in the internet history and I found "F.10" bios

I will try instal this bios on my old laptop
There is link:








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