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Please help me edit vBIOS overclocking of Quadro K1100m. (Self-solved successfully)

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I am using an old HP zbook g2 laptop.
This GPU cannot be overclocked using nvidia inspector.
I succeeded in overclocking using the AfterBurner tool.

However, AfterBuner only supports +135Hz clockover.

Therefore, 841Hz is the limit. I want to increase it to 941Hz,

but I think that will be possible only by modifying the Vbios and flashing it.



The results have definitely improved. However, 
the maximum temperature of the GPU only increased by 3 degrees.
Therefore, it is a card capable of additional overclocking, 
and is the same platform as the GT 750M.
I would like to modify the vBIOS of this GPU. 
The original ROM is in the attachment to this article.
Any help with fixing the vBIOS would be greatly appreciated.


















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I tried it alone today.
I immediately thought I had failed, but I succeeded.
0. In GPU-Z, I dumped the BIOS with the SIV utility because 
“BIOS reading not supported on this device.”
1. Downloaded the gtx750m bios and modified the values similarly 
   in kepler bios editor.
2. Disabled the display and proceeded with the latest nvflahs64.
3. The first time I tried Nvflash, a mismatch error occurred. 
However, when I tried it again, no error occurred.

4. The clock was changed, but the screen was bricked 
because the existing Afterburner was not deleted before Nvflash.
5. After deleting Afterburner in safe mode, it worked normally again.
6. The GPU operated normally at 1150Mhz, 
but intermittent errors occurred during 
   3DMark and it was a bit unstable, so I lowered the clock again.
7. For now, I have tried to compromise by adjusting the table so as not to 
   increase the temperature.
 This is enough to increase performance compared to before.

I think it might be helpful to someone. 
So, I am sharing the quadroK1100m BIOS for the overclocked stabilized 
HP Zbook G2 here. 
This operates normally in both non-hybrid (non optimus) and 
hybrid (optimus) modes of HP Zbook G1 G2.
The modified vBIOS of Quadro K1100M has almost the same performance as GT750M.
Plz,refer to the attched file





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I just signed up to the forums and read this post with interest. Im using an old Dell Precision m3800 on latest Dell a14 BIOS - i7-4712hq with a discrete Quadro k1100m, this laptop also has a 4k touchscreen.

I've read thru a couple of similar threads on different forums and downloaded all the tools I could find scattered around the posts. I think I need to extract my vBios from my original BIOS rom, edit it and merge it all together again and reflash my whole BIOS, pretty much exactly what you've managed to do here. From what I've read elsewhere, I dont think I can flash my vBios by itself, only as part of a full Bios flash, which is why i'm reluctant to try other peoples mods on my own machine.

I've downloaded a couple of already modded (unlocked) m3800 a14 BIOS's (including your vBios) but I haven't the know-how or confidence to just jump in and try it myself without being sure I,m doing things right.

Just wondering would OP or anyone else help educate me so I can attempt what OP has managed to do with the same card plz?





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