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Help needed - Add GPU Support

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Dear comunity, I have been modding and unlocking bios options on AMI and Insyde H2o bioses for almost a decade now, modified gpu bioses, EC firmwares and what not, but I never got to add support for new GPU in a laptops Bios - never found any information about it either.

If anyone is kind enough to please point me in the right direction or pm me what is needed. I manage quite well with uefi tools ami tools as well with hxd editors and such.

The bios in the link is the one that I want to add the support to. It is for a Clevo P775DM3-G And I want to add the rtx 2080 support- Ii came officially with an I7 7 gen and a gtx 1080. I have modded it and upgraded to 8700k and it can go up to 9900k/f/s but would not do so because of the heat. In any case I am currently running a bios that I "remoded" to look more official - readded the serial numbers that were lost by the prev. owner- found them on the mainboard, changed back the splash screen, and remooved the modders signatures but it seems to be based on an older bios version of this laptop, whereas I would like to add the rtx support to the one in the link, and I would be more or less - almost official.

(As a bonus I've dremmeled out a tiny piece beneath the keyboard to get better access to the bios chip - where I actually added a socket to the mainboard to be able to take the chip out at any time. I have also mooved the bios battery from under the keyboard to the other side of the laptop, in the orifice beneath the main battery - for easier access in case if bios resets are needed- as the cmos reset from the keyboard combo does not seem to work.



Any help is wellcome.


Thank you all in advance.






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