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P775DM3-G Liquid Cooling


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Hello World, to sum up my current project, well I have replaced my good ol' Alien to an XMG p775DM3-G, it  runs on a 8700k and I have installed an RTX 2080. The laptop works great, the CPU has been delidded, liquid metalled and lapped, and the GPU is currently being used with mx4 - no liquid metall for now. Cpu runs  daily OC'ed at 4700Mhz on all cores and it reaches arround 82°C under power hungry benchmarks. The Gpu has never gotten over 74°C even in a silent fan curve. The monitor is a Gsink 75HZ but I've been running it OC'ed @100 Hz for the past month without any issues. I can actually go up to 110 Hz but I could not notice any differences, therefore I'd rather run it at a lower rate.  As I had some liquid cooling leftovers in my trunk of future projects, I am now trying build a custom liquid cooling unit, an attachment if   may to the cooling of the laptop that would not need much modding and provide with a substantial decrease in fan noise, and if possible, maybe a bit of headroom for overclocking. I have two options as you may hopefully see in the attached photo,  but I prefere the first option as it implies less risks and should be easier to apply and to mentain.


Up untill now I have the externa cooling module built, A 3 wire pwm DC(kida) pump, a corsair 12'' PWM Fan, a 12'' Aluminum radiator, some tubing and all of it will be controlled either via the Thermaltake Commander FT - via touch manually, or I may ad a usb connection to use it with the NZXT CAM unit - as RGB would also be a nice addition. 


As I am looking for ideeas to improove on the project, any suggestions are wellcome.

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