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Request nvidia p106m modded bios

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Hi fellas,
I got a few nvidia p106m (basically GTX 1060 with 4GB of VRAM on 128bit bus), like this one:

The card works flawlessly on msi GT60/70 but performances are low (Timespy of 2500 whereas I have 4300 on 1060 gtx 6GB).
Card is limited to 75W TDP, thus 1290Mhz on core (no boost on this one) with 0.75V Vcore voltage. I tried the afterburner voltage/freq (with CTRL+F) trick but it does not work on p106m. It's too bad as the 1060m can easily reach 1900mhz.
I wonder if you can mod the bios to allow core frequency overclocking?
Thanks a lot
Best regards

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Edit1: Don't do what i said below, i reflashed my Palit gtx 1060 6gb dual fan with a bios for Palit gtx 1060 6gb Jetstream (only difference higher boost clock) and it bricked my Palit card, this is dishonesty from manufacturer to release vBIOSes that bricks own branded cards.

Edit2: ok i flashed with a newer bios from 2018 and my card works again, a guy said that older bios for gtx 1060 is not compatible with newer nvidia drivers. Actually the bios was for a different brand.

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Hey, there.  Were you ever able to find any kind of alternative BIOS for the P106M .  I have one also and am looking for the same.  I don't know if it would do anything, but I have been meaning to try the Pascal TDP Tweaker.  Have you heard of anyone doing this?  Thank you for any info you have.


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