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Alienware 17R2 - Thermal Paste?


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Hi All, 


Ive been given an Alienware 17R2 from a relative which has a few issues. There was a known Power Limit Throttle issue on the CPU I believe but I'm yet to see this for myself and provide any reports from throttle stop to state specifically what's triggering. I also have a 330w PSU which was purchased separately to when the power limit issue was previously being diagnosed. 


Anyway, the temperatures are horrendous so I need to deal with this first, the I7-4980HQ was 2 degrees away from TJMax (98 degrees Celsius) and I believe the 980m was high 80's/90's on a short run of Battlefield. What's the best thermal paste to use? I would have used Thermal Grizzleys Kyronaut but from research it seems it dries out very quick, Arctic MX5 seems to be good? 



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