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Asus G750jw motherboard swapped with G750jm. HELP!!!


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Hello fellows,

I know that it is going to be an old chapter in the book but please bear with me.

I recently brought a used Asus G750jw with a pre installed gtx765m. Its drivers were not installing so I tried to update its bios but I couldn't. I found that its motherboard is of G750jm which supports gtx860m by default configurations.

I dissembled the laptop and like every other modder out there found, i discovered that its motherboard states that its of G750JS Rev.2.0.

I presume that Asus just updates the firmware and uses the same motherboard and layouts for almost all of its G750 series.


Doing alot of search lately, to speed up the troubleshooting I am posting my issue here. Iv seen people modding their G750 bios to support other G750 gpus. 

1)  I tried flashing G750Jw bios using AFUWIN64 but it saying block size dont match.

2)  I saved the rom file with AFUWIN64 and then used MMtool to extract the vbios. agains no luck. looked over each string under extract tab.

3)  I tried DriverPack Solution to force install driver through hardware ID. No luck.


What is the magic trick people use to swap graphics cards, modded their laptop bios and everything worked like a charm.......What am I missing ? 

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