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Dell M6700 Overclocking

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Hello, i want to know how to overclock Dell Precision M6700 Laptop 

CPU : i7-3740QM i want to overclock my CPU

its currently running on 3488mhz almost 3.5ghz and its temprature is 48-54C Thermal paste using Arctic MX-4 and i dont know why my processor not even pushing 3.7Ghz Max boost

also i want to overclock my cpu properly i installed XTU but its not allowed me to go more then 35X multipler or i cant edit multipler and throttlestop is also doing same but when i see CPUZ people are overclocking their same CPU i7-3740QM someone please guide i really want to Overclock my CPU

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To do what you say on the dell M6700 you must first install an XM series processor.


For example 3920XM or 3940XM


XM = Extreme Edition = Unlocked multiplier


In addition to this processor you also need a bios that allows you to change the CPU settings.
The DELL M6700 is locked by default.


Your processor is factory locked at these maximum speeds:

single core turbo 3.7ghz
dual core turbo 3.6ghz
turbo on 4 cores 3.5 ghz

As also visible from the throttlestop program




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