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M17x R4 no power

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So first off specs.
32gb ram
gtx 880M
120hz 3d screen
Win 7 ultimate

After 8 years I think my boy finally kicked the bucket. I was just watching youtube then it suddenly shut off. At first I thought it was the plug but when I pulled it out the blue indicator turned on. It turned off when I plugged it back in. Already removed the battery and held power for 30 secs. Nada. No beeps, post etc. I feel its a mobo issue. I dont see anything fried though. Any ideas?

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If the power adapter light turns off when plugged in the there's a short somewhere and the board is trying to protect itself. I have seen this a few times and the culprit always seems to be the 880M. 

Since you have the 120Hz panel, you won't get a display if the GPU is removed but if you pull the 880M I am pretty sure you'll find the adapter light will stay on if you plug it in. If it does stay on then your 880M is dead and you'll need to find a replacement. I wouldn't suggest another 880M as they are very prone to failures. Try to find a 10 series card for a good performance upgrade. You'll need the Unlocked BIOS though.

A 980M is also a great upgrade.


EDIT: If you try to power on the laptop with no GPU then you'll get an 8 beep code. 

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