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Fire Pro M6100 in Precision M6700

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because Nvidias Render Offload for Linux is still not working, I replaced my Quadro K5000M with an AMD Fire Pro M6100. This GPU was made for the M6800, I think. It works, but there are two problems:

  • When adding or removing the Laptop from the docking station in standby, it does not wake up (black screen).
  • The Fan(s) only run to medium speed, if the GPU is utilized. hardinfo shows me a sensor "radeon/temp1", which goes up to 95°C in Games. Seems, that the GPU throtles then.

I can live with the Standby-docking-problem, but the fan has to work somehow.


Is there an extra VBIOS for this GPU in the M6700?

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I found this: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/dellfancmd-%E2%80%93-tool-to-enable-manual-custom-control-of-the-laptop-fans.827106/

which seems to turn off the bios fan control. But only for Windows. Could be difficult to derive a Linux-Solution from the source...

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  • 2 weeks later...

After some weeks of experience, I faced new problems. By using the above tool to stop BIOS fan control, the system sometimes doesn't react on FN-Key-Events, such as screen brightness changing or standby. The events aren't lost, but sometimes delayed by up to one minute. Maybe this Linux-Tool sets the wrong registers, as the programmer found them by brute force testing... I will compare the linux and windows tool, maybe this problem is solvable.


But the standby-Wakeup-bug does not only apply for docking changes but also if the power supply is added or removed during standby. I think, this is because the screen brightness is different in battery and grid power mode. When the system changes the brightness before the gpu has waken, it crashes.


Also the fancontrol service ~can~ fail and let the system overheat. When using multiple monitors, the exact configuration is sometimes lost after standby and has to be set-up manually in the system settings. Finally I wouldn't recommend to use the Fire Pro M6100 with Precision M6700. Especially when changing from Nvidia, because the nvidia-heatsink does not fit perfectly on this AMD GPU. I needed to put a thin cooper pad between GPU and heatsink to adjust incorrect height. The GPU temp rises up to 94°C under maximum load :-/

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