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hp 8770w + dell gtx680m, undervolt or cooling upgrade?

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Hello. I have installed dell gtx680M 2GB 100Wtdp(upgraded from k3000m 75W tdp) on my elitebook 8770w, but gpu temperatures go up to 87 degrees (max limit). 

I have stock mxm-b cooling with dual pipe system.Is it possible to undervolt with modified vbios from this site, to avoid throttling ? or the only sollution is upgrade cooling. Curently waiting for part for second cooling fan installation. currently therre is single fan for cpu and gpu.

Will there be any throubles flashing vbios from dell gpu on HP system?

Thank you.

Sorry for bad english

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I saw that there are 2 models of heatsinks for the HP 8770w notebook.


If the heatsink is designed for 75w installing a 100w video card will lead to a temperature increase.


Check which type of heatsink you have installed, there are 2 versions, the one with double heat pipe is the best one.


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On 10/16/2021 at 8:20 PM, MobsterOO7 said:

I don't have experience with that specific brand, but repasting parts usually does a good job of lowering temperatures.


Generally a good quality thermal conductive paste can lower the temperature of several degrees but it also depends on the type of heatsink and the type of fan.


In your case I think that the heatsink and the fan are undersized and are a bottleneck.


Surely undervolting the GPU could be a solution to your problem but surely the BIOS should be locked and does not allow you to lower the voltage with MSI AFTERBURNER or similar programs.


With the BIOS locked you can only lower the working frequency of the GPU and RAM.


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