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  1. Hi sorrow1. Please keep updated with your achievements in oc'ing 680m 2gb card... I still cant overclock whatever vbios i try... Kombustor runs well, but nor games nor 3dmark wont run when oced, they just crash...
  2. hi all.. i have one question regarding flashing different bios versions. will i be able to flash "Dell 680m -'OCedition'_revised_00" after flashing "Dell 680m - 80.04.5B.00.02_'OCedition'_revised_00" ?? as i can understand 80.04.5B is a higher version of bios file, and ussually bios/firmware can't be downgraded. also. Is it possible to adjust voltage with msi afterburner? I have tried stock unlocked bios. Cant get core more than +150 and memory+0(is it possible because of overheating memory chips? . Anything more decreases performance(3dmark test 1590 at max)...gpu Temp 65degrees. After flashing 1.05v version, just temperature goes up, with almost less performance. Increasing anything crashes 3dmark or hangs pc... So. So little to no tweaking? Thanks.
  3. Can't access downloads yet. Can you help me with this?
  4. hello. I can't login via tapatalk. get error "you are not logged in or do not have permission to do that" any clues?
  5. hello. does anybody have 680m 2gb unlocked vbios? thanks
  6. hello. Does anybody have 680M 2GB version unlocked vbios? cant get download section unlocked. any undervolting suggestions?
  7. No one is modifying their pc's. Its not worthy, as parts for upgrade setups cost more than new laptop... And still have botlenecs because of cpu, cooling etc... I cant even find out is it worth to pay for elite membership to get downloads section unlocked...
  8. Hello. I have installed dell gtx680M 2GB 100Wtdp(upgraded from k3000m 75W tdp) on my elitebook 8770w, but gpu temperatures go up to 87 degrees (max limit). I have stock mxm-b cooling with dual pipe system.Is it possible to undervolt with modified vbios from this site, to avoid throttling ? or the only sollution is upgrade cooling. Curently waiting for part for second cooling fan installation. currently therre is single fan for cpu and gpu. Will there be any throubles flashing vbios from dell gpu on HP system? Thank you. Sorry for bad english
  9. Hi people. Im Linas from Lithuania. found this site while looking for modded vbios for my almost fresh installed 680M on HP elitebook 8770w. I hope to have best knowledge here for OC and cooling
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