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Hey everyone.


I require a overclocked VBIOS for a GTX970M 6GB.


So i bought this M15X as a sort of project. I already have a 1070 laptop so this was just for a bit of fun realy.


For the past 2 years ive slowly been upgrading the laptop;

520m to 920xm

ATI 5850m to GTX 970M 6GB

150 watt psu to 240 watt psu

4gb 1066 mhz to 16gb 1600 mhz (1333 in practice though)

512GB worn out HDD to 512GB brand new SSD


I was able to Undervolt the 970m to 912mv and its pretty cool now. 


I was at a loss on what to do next.


Then i decided on water cooling the laptop.


For the past year I've been collecting water cooling accessories. 2 days ago i finally had enough to build a loop so i gave it a shot.

I have a few pictures attached so u guys can see for urself.


Temps shot down into the 20's (centigrade obviously). So now im thinking i can overclock the 970m quite a bit but i dont have a clue as to how to modify the Vbios for overclocking. Therefore im requesting help from u guys. Either a overclocked vbios for my 970m or a proper guide on how to mod the vbios would be really appreciated. Thanks to anyone who tries to help me in my project.




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Thats a nice setup you have, I like the watercooling :encouragement:


If you already have MSI Afterburner installed you should be able to overclock as long as you have the GTX 970M selected as processor in Nvidia PhysX settings.

If you still can't overclock you can try and install a software called MSI VGA Overclock Tool and then use Afterburner to overclock.


Download link or look for: vga_1206_0601.zip



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