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  1. Installing prema mod vbios on gtx 980m m17xr4 do still need a modified inf or no?
  2. right now im using a gtx 1060m mxm on my m17xr4, playing ac oddysey on very high settings i can have a fps of 50-60 fps and temp looks good to me 75 deg under load.
  3. is the upgrade succesfull? planning to put a gtx 980m on my m17xr4
  4. some mxm card is not compatible by just flashing vbios,i think
  5. i have flash the gtx 880m 8gb oc rev, but my laptop is overheating too much do you think my laptop cant handle the 880m using a msi gx 660 single fan
  6. i wanted to have this setup on my m17xr4, gtx 1070m on it, how difficult to make that setup? beginner, mild, extreme can you rate it?
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