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GPU Fan Question

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I have a new PC with the rtx 2080ti. I've always been a console main so this is the first time I've gone to a high end PC for gaming. My question is regarding the GPU fan. Basically any game I play on very high or ultra settings causes the fan to turn on and off in short bursts- It spins fast for a couple seconds, stops and repeats every 30 seconds or so. Temperature in the room is not super hot, usually around 78 or so. The games play smoothly without any problems. Is this a settings issue, a hardware issue or is it normal for the fan to not spin continuouslyuc browser shareit appvn

Thanks for the help

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I think it's most likely hardware issue, your fan is unable to sustain spinning at max RPM therefore it keeps oscillating 
I wouldn't tamper with it tho as not to void warranty if there is any

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