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RGB-LED-HDD Desktop Mod


0k will explane here what i figured out to made a little more Ambient RGB Led Mod thats Casual.

Found on Inet Rainbow colored Led`s ( the old one thats fits like Drips) and often used in PC-Cases to indicat OS stats speciely for HDD load.


The Mod tricks there that the HDD Signal connector on mainboard can fit more than one Led .


In my case i pluged 4 Rainbow colored Led`s together with an Resistor thats pull down original needed voltage of the LED´s on the mainboard connector for HDD-Led and have now 4 Leds they blink by the HDD´s signal.


Like the old Philosophie in all 4 corners sticks friendship .


Its like an LED-RGB control without extra Controler-Hard or Software .


Maybe other man will use Single color Leds that was also possible for me but Figured out that each color has its own voltage needed to turn on Glowing so it was not possible to bring by example 2 green and 2 blue and resistor together and lets start glow.

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