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So my lenovo y510p detects gtx 1060.. now what?


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I got the exp gdc beast 8.5 got all the connections right... laptop boots up... fans turn on the gpu.... device manager detects gtx 1060 with a “ ! “ in a yellow triangle. Now what to do.... i tried to do the bios mod.... but realised that i have 3.07 version. 


1 is there any way to get this done without the mod?? 

2 if mod is the only way... kindly help me with step by step instruction in laymans terms... i m not a techy... so i might not understand technical terms.... altho i am interested... but learning yet. Please help. 

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"!" means there are some errors.See the error code.

It must be error 43 or 12.

Solve that by refering here


https://egpu .io/egpu-setup-13x/


Yes there is a way you can buy and use *********'s DIY eGPU Setup 1.35 which is 15 us dollars from his official site. You will get the instruction how to install and use it?

Below you can see the guide how NevsMate solved his problem.

Ones you installed the software see the videos on how you can configure from here 

and here

Here is NevsMate guide..

WIP Complete setup guide (1).7z

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