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Unlock Ezbook 3 pro Aptio V Bios Chipset and Advanced


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Hello everyone,


I recently bought an Ezbook 3 pro and hoped to do some heatmods and overlocking on it, but sadly my BIOS chipset and advanced menus are locked. I already tried alot as httuner did in this tab, 

but i did not manage to find the section, which was set to zero in the setup region (what pennies wrote). Can someone maybe explain this procedure in more detail? 


Thank you in advance 

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Don't know if you got this figured out or not. Since it is aptio V, its no trouble to modify for overclocking. If you have a locked cpu, then you will have to overclock by raising the base clock. This can cause other issues if it is raised too high (depending on the cpu architecture). Wrote a guide for doing it on an MSI notebook HERE. You should be able to get a better idea of what is entailed by looking over that. Plenty of screenshots to look at also.

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