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M18x R1 Looking for help


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Hey Guys I bought my old Alienware m18x something like 7 years ago and the current 460m's in sli are not cutting it anymore. I have ordered the parts needed ......at least i think i needed. In prep of these parts arriving I was looking to get everything ready for the upgrade. To keep things simple ......much like myself, I believe I need a new Bios and a set of modded nvidia drivers and I should be good to go. To clarify I have ordered a new mounting bracket, heat sick, a new 780m gpu and new fan (my old is dying needed a new one).  I need Bios and modded nvidia drivers. Would there be anything else I am missing. 

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Think you have all need.


Download and install latest BIOS\EC

Download new video drivers, do not install

Uninstall existing drivers

Turn off system and remove power cord

Remove battery

Disassemble laptop and Remove old Video Card

Install new video card

Re-assemble notebook

Install battery and plug in

Turn on system

Install new drivers 

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You nailed it man and thanks for your reply. TBH it ended up taking many hour reading this forums old articles and a few you tube videos to get it figured out. I ended up getting everything swapped out and up and running. Most of the old games I regularly play ran smooth enough but everything newer seemed to have a have a hard time running smoothly. first i though it was overheating but no temps are normal. Then I noticed that my gpu is throttling. At this point I had some new drivers, that I found ran pretty stable. Came across this thread 

  So I did as instructed and wiped the newer drivers in safe mode and loaded out some old ones suggest in the linked thread above.

My problem currently is that throttling is still taking place. I am pretty sure I know what I need to do. When I upgraded the hardware I had trouble finding an unlocked bios for my m18x r1. I know there is a TechInferno link to download one but my account does not let me.  So I found a A05 version that was not unlocked but was still able to support the new card.  So I am attempting to find a unlocked version of the A05 driver so I can attempt to follow the instructions here http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/alienware-m18x-r2-with-980m-possible-throttling-fix.791358/  and change some of the setting in the bios.  I have a feeling this may work but I am currently stuck as I am apparently not able to download anything from this site. 


I am far from an expert on such so if anyone out there reads this let me know if you can help a fellow out or maybe point me in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


update: Solved ......got promoted loaded unlocked bios and switched the setting in the advanced vid cofig bios settings

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