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M17x r2 cpu upgrade

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The top cpu you can get is the 920xm/940xm.

Gpu wise (if your looking at the best you can get for it) the 7970m/8970m/m290x have all been seen to work. The best nvidia gpu confirmed to work was the gtx 680m but as far as i know no one ever got sli to work properly so the best option in terms of power would be the m290x crossfire. Bare in mind though that if putting 2 high power gpu's into the machine it may necessitate the use of a 330w power adapter - something which is not plug and play and requires a hard-mod to function correctly with this machine.

Personally (if you're dead set on upgrading this machine over getting something newer and more capable) i'd recommend a single 8970m/m290x as an upgrade and a 920xm as it's probably the least hassle - unless you're up for some modding of course.


As a side note you should be able to upgrade to 16gb ram and there was an unlocked a10 bios released for this machine years back with some extra options for non extreme edition cpus if you're thinking of upgrading the bios.


Hope all of that helps. 

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