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Thanks to Joedirt recently for setting me up with a custom vBIOS for my ASUS ROG G750JM. I am having a little trouble figuring out how to adjust my voltage. Once the vBIOS is flashed the voltage is baked in so the slider does nothing. Joedirt took care of me plenty so I dont want to go hounding him for this advice and would rather ask the community. I can get the voltage to run at 0.987v or 1.193v one is not enough and the other is too much even with no OC it gets the GPU too hot too fast I would like to learn how to adjust the Voltage Table so that I can get 1.06-1.1v on my chip so I can OC and still not over heat. The stock vBIOS set it at 1.034v which I could OC my Memory +450mhz and my core +135mhz no problem. I would like to run at +280mhz or 1300mhz core and +395mhz Memory or 1450mhz Memory but that is not stable at 0.987v and gets to the 92c temp limit super fast with 1.193v. . .

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I got it figured out and now am sitting at a cozy 1.075v with 1350mhz core and 1425mhz memory. Sadly it starts artifacting once I go past 1450mhz memory so I pulled it back 25mhz from my max stable. I can go higher on the core but I want to inch that a little at a time once I am rested up and not falling asleep at the desk :D

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Is your setup still working well @ 1.075v, 1350 core, 1425 mem? Nothing has melted?


I have the 4gb Maxwell. With EVGA Precision it runs at 1.12v under load no matter what I do with voltage even if I keep at stock .868v. Can increase to 1.18v. Kept at stock which again ends up being 1.12v. Other numbers are 1155 and 1420. No modded bios. The pixel and texture filtrates and bandwidth also increase. Settings won't stick with MSI Afterburner. I miss not having a CPU temperature readout.


Edit: The GPUZ reading is now constant at .868v-1.18v with benchmark running in background. Don't know if GPUZ sensors are more accurate than EVGA OSD  or maybe when benchmark is in foreground it is a different voltage result.

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