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MSI GT60, GTX 675m (Died), please help...


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I sent my laptop (MSI GT60-0ND) to check up and the video card was confirmed dead, I learned that I can upgrade my GPU, but I can't take a step without any help. Many told me its risky and the market is tight.


 ^I found this card, GTX 680M, and it looks absolutely the same one as (GTX 675M) and the slot is compatible, however due to reviews, the 680M is way faster than my previous one, if that poses any threat. If someone can check it for me and tell me whether its good or not, I'd appreciate it.



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At first You need some Eyeglasses,the GTX 680M looks different.:-)

In the Picture You can see the different Heatsinks for Nvidia Cards.

The Price for the Card is to high,for this Price You can find sometimes cheap GTX970M.

in Your GT70 You can use every NVIDIA Card up to GTX 1060.

But for the different GPU Generation You need also different Heatsinks or modified


Upgrading with the right Heatsink is normally very easy,if the Card is not from MSI You must Flash the MSI Vbios.



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Okay I was able to safely disassemble the laptop and took pictures of my gpu and it's heatsink.


Looks like I'm getting another 675m, although I'm confused on whether I should buy from eBay or somewhere else.

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