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Faster eGPU bootup process? rMBP early 2015 13" w/ Thunder2+EVGA GTX 1060 SC Gaming


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Hello guys!

So my setup works finally, but with on major flaw: whenever I want to get into "gaming mode" - meaning using the eGPU, my only working solution and method is 100% working, however takes ages -

  1. Without egpu, boot to windows, uninstall all nVidia drivers

  2. Reboot to macOS, turn on egpu, wait around 10 sec, plug it in, run the automate-egpu.sh script, then again in -a mode

  3. turn off mac, shutdown egpu, wait until there's no green light, unplug.

  4. plug the thunderbolt cable back in, boot to windows without egpu connected, open device manager, turn on egpu, after 10 sec hotplug, see it gets recognized, re-install drivers.

  5. turn off mac, shutdown egpu, wait until there's no green light, unplug.

  6. plug in the egpu, boot to boot selection, after the cursor is move-able, power on the egpu, boot to windows (if it would freeze w/ black screen or infinite spinning wheel, force shutdown and do step 6. again)

  7. after getting to Windows, voila, it's alive.

Additional 8th step - whenever I turn off my laptop, I have to re-do everything. +1 : I always use the closest thunderbolt port to the magsafe port.

So the question is, did anyone found out a way of booting 100% succesfully without having to reinstall the geforce driver all the time? I mean since my macbook is the most problematic one, even I have a gtx 10x0 series, I should be happy of this method working at least, I'd still love to fasten up the process.

ps.: I'm thinking about a solution, what would somehow reset all the caches/temp files of the driver itself when shutting down everything, if there would be a way for doing that, I would try it right away, and post an update. Would it help at all, or should I just keep reinstalling everytime?



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Wow, that does not sound like a fun process.


I have a macbook with eGPU myself, and I just plug in the eGPU, wait 10 seconds, boot into boot selection, select windows, and done.


Sometimes it will blue screen on me while booting Windows, or not boot at all, and I have to try a couple of times.  But I never had to reinstall the drivers to get it to work.


Did you install Windows in EFI mode? Is your GPU a 10 series card? Are you running Windows 10 or 8?

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