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  1. Wow, that does not sound like a fun process. I have a macbook with eGPU myself, and I just plug in the eGPU, wait 10 seconds, boot into boot selection, select windows, and done. Sometimes it will blue screen on me while booting Windows, or not boot at all, and I have to try a couple of times. But I never had to reinstall the drivers to get it to work. Did you install Windows in EFI mode? Is your GPU a 10 series card? Are you running Windows 10 or 8?
  2. Hi all, I remember a while back seeing on Ebay a ready made barrel-to-molex connector being sold. It came with properly sleeved (red sleeves) cables. I would be interested in buying one, but I cannot find them anymore. Does anyone know who made or sold them? Does anyone have any lying around that they would sell to me? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my eGPU setup from a GTX 980 to a GTX 980Ti. (Since the GTX 1070 wouldn't work on my setup, I kept getting error code 43). These GPU's are both equivalent to a GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 respectively, so the results would probably be similar. I have been benchmarking both GPU's, and I thought I would share the results. Both GPU's are overclocked as far as they will go: Asus Strix GTX 980: +160Mhz Core/ +800 Mhz VRAM EVGA SC+ GTX 980 Ti: +130Mhz Core / +400 Mhz VRAM The system: Macbook pro late 2013 with i7 4850HQ 2.3 Ghz CPU, 16GB RAM. Akitio Thunder 2 + 450 Watt PSU. Battlefield 1: 1440P High preset - Map: Giant's shadow: GTX 980: Avg: 47.3 - Min: 34 - Max: 62 GTX 980Ti: Avg: 65 - Min: 46 - Max: 103 So we see about a 38% increase in performance on 1440P High preset. On paper, the 980Ti should be about 30% faster than the 980, so it seems that the CPU bottle-necking is not too bad. The performance in Battlefield 1 really depends on which map you are playing. In some maps, the 980 TI can do 1440P Ultra at about 60fps average. In other maps, the average is more like 50fps. In a normal setting, this GPU should get about 89 fps avg at 1440P Ultra. This means we are only seeing roughly 70% of the performance of a non-eGPU setup. 3D Mark TimeSpy: GTX 980: Score: 4195 Graphics score: 4322 CPU score: 3598 T1: 28.58 fps; T2: 24.48 fps; T3: 12.09 fps GTX 980 Ti: Score: 5094 Graphics score: 5495 CPU score: 3605 T1: 36.23 fps; T2: 31.20 fps; T3: 12.11 fps So we see a 21.4% increase in the score, with a 27.1% increase in graphics score. So we see the CPU is actually holding the 980Ti back a little bit, but not too bad. Overall, the results are not too bad. We see that we only get about 60% of the performance we should get in a "normal" gaming system. At the same time, putting a more powerful GPU in the system does yield comparatively better results. I am assuming the bottlenecking is happening at multiple levels: the CPU AND the Thunderbolt interface both are holding the system back a bit. But it is not a "hard wall" that we cannot improve by putting a more powerful GPU in there. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! So I undervolted my cpu by 90 mV, and it does run a lot cooler now. (any lower than 90mV and it crashed) It went from reaching 100 degrees celcius and thermal throttling, to staying at around 88-90 max, and not throttling. So this should help with games as well, because I was getting framedrops when it overheated. When running on High, in game the GPU is at 98% mostly, and the CPU is at 100%, I get 55fps When running ultra. the CPU usage drops to about 60% or so, and GPU is at 100%. This gives me only 45 fps. At medium, the CPU usage is 100$ and GPU is about 80%, and I still only get about 55fps. Could this be because at Ultra settings the GPU only achieves about 45 fps, and the CPU doesn't need to work to 100% to keep up with that? On the other hand, at medium, the GPU could probably output more, but the CPU is holding me back, still only getting 55 fps instead of 70 or so? It is weird that I don't get more Fps when dropping the settings. I this the CPU bottleneck then? In that case, getting a GTX 1070 would not make sense, because I would probably not get any more fps? I want to try DX12, but unfortunately the game crashes for me on DirectX12. This seems to be a pretty widespread issue.
  5. External display, not using Optimus. (could never get it to work)
  6. Hello all, I have an eGPU setup with an Akitio Thunder 2, and a late 2013 retina macbook pro with a i7 4850 HQ (2.3 Ghz). I recently put a GTX 980 into the setup, and I am getting decent speeds. I can run Battlefield 1 on 1440p / High at about 55fps. I am using it with an external monitor. However, I saw online that this GPU should get about 68 fps at these settings. I know the eGPU setup bottlenecks the GPU somewhat, as has been shown by @Dschijn 's benchmarking. So here is my question: What would happen if I put a GTX 1070 in it instead? Would it not improve performance that much, because the system is already bottlenecking with the eGPU? Or does the eGPU bottleneck just mean you lose about 10% performance vs a desktop, but the performance increase will still be there? I also think the CPU might be holding me back at this point, so should I expect much performance increase in going with a GTX 1070 over a 980? Or is the CPU just going to hold me back too much. (I am going to try undervolting the CPU, since it reaches up to 95 degrees under load!) Thanks for any insights!
  7. You need help my friend. No seriously, enjoy the card, even though it doesnt make sense from a financial point of view. Many people would be jealous. At least you can run everything for the next 5 years, so on a yearly basis it is quite cheap?
  8. Hey guys, I am currently running a GTX760, and looking to upgrade to the new Pascal cards, possibly a 1060. However, I'm not really in a hurry right now. So I could wait until let's say black friday this year, to see if there would be sales on these cards. BUT: Do cards that have just launched the same year even get discounted on black friday? Or do you usually not see this happening (perhaps leftover stock of the 900 series will get discounted)? Or do video cards in general never get black friday discounts, I have no idea? Do you think it is worth waiting? On a related note, do you think the GTX 1070 will ever be sold for 379 (its MSRP)? Right now the cheapest is around $400 for the Gigabyte mini-ITX version. Prices have been going down gradually, so I am hoping eventually some of the lower end cards would be available for 379. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I am running a late 2013 Macbook pro on Windows 10 with an Akitio Thunder 2 eGPU with a EVGA GTX 760 in it. The CPU is a Haswell Intel 4850HQ. Now, the system works great as it should. It boots up consistently fine. I can play games fine, and the performance is solid. However, I experience random freezes while gaming for extended periods. After aprox. 1 hour of gaming, my computer will lock up, and I will have to reboot. This has happened in multiple games, and with multiple versions of Geforce drivers. Also in the Witcher 3, I have noticed cases where the game doesnt completely lock up, but slows down to about 1-2 fps, so basically unplayable. Could this be the GPU or CPU clocking itself back because of overheating? Could this just be a overheating issue? - My GPU runs at aprox. 82C degrees max. - My CPU runs at aprox. 80C degrees max. Are these temps okay, or too high? Could something eGPU specific be causing this issue? Such as power delivery to the eGPU? I am using a brand new Gold rated 500W PSU from Silverstone, so I dont suspect this should be the problem. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. These are indeed the steps you supposedly should follow. However, I myself have a late 2013 macbook pro with 750m, and EVGA GTX 760 External GPU setup, and I have never gotten optimus to work. Not on Windows 8 and neither on Windows 10. I have seen many reports here of people NOT getting it to work, and very few of people that have gotten it to work (you may be only the 3rd person I've seen reporting getting it to work). So.,, you might be lucky, but chances are it won't work. So be warned!
  11. 1. No, You cannot install rEFInd with a Bootcamp installation. This is because rEFInd uses EFI boot mode, but Bootcamp installs Windows via a type of BIOS emulation mode. If you look at MSinfo32 in Windows, you will likely see it is installed via BIOS/LEGACY mode instead of UEFI. You will need to do a clean install of Windows following these instructions: https://www.reddit.com/r/mac/comments/3e2ylm/install_windows_81_in_uefi_mode_on_a_mac/ (This works, I have followed these steps myself) 2. Install Refind with the Mac OS install script. http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/installing.html#installsh (you also need to disable SIP to be able to install this) http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/sip.html#disable 3. You need to edit the refind.conf file on the EFI partition to set the spoof_osx command for rEFInd. Type the following in Terminal in Mac OS X: - mkdir /Volumes/esp - sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/esp (it will ask for your Mac OS password, 'disk0s1' should be the EFI partition. Type "Diskutil list" in Terminal to see a list of partitions, and identify your EFI partition) - Now you will see the EFI partition on your OSX desktop. Open it in finder. - Go to the folder EFI/refind/refind.conf (edit this file by dragging it to the text editor) - Find the line "spoof_osx_version 10.9" and delete the "#" in front of it (making it active) - Save the refind.conf file - Reboot into Windows through rEFInd. - You will now see your Iris Pro 5200 gpu in Windows. - Install the latest Intel drivers for the Iris Pro. Reboot. 4. Use gpu-switch to activate internal Iris pro GPU on next reboot. Reboot. https://github.com/0xbb/gpu-switch Good luck!
  12. Does your macbook have a nvidia gpu built in apart from the hd 4000, like a 650m or 750m? I think that might be complicating matters for me. I have to disable the 750m in my macbook, and then somehow let it route the image from the external gpu, through the intel gpu, to the internal LCD.
  13. I just installed Windows 8.1 and The latest Nvidia and Intel drivers. But it is still not using the external GPU for the internal LCD. Which steps do you take to enable it? - Do you run GPU-switch to enable internal intel GPU? - Do you disable your laptops internal Nvidia GPU? (Or do you have a macbook without Nvidia GPU built in?) Did you follow the steps in this thread to install?: Or did you modify the drivers in any way? I am trying to understand how people get it to work in Windows 8.1. Thanks!
  14. I just tried installing driver version 350.12 for windows 8.1 on windows 10, but it did not work. The driver actually seemed to behave very strange, geforce experience software would not work, etc.
  15. Are you saying the solution would be to install Geforce driver 350.12 for Windows 8.1 on Windows 10? Did you test and confirm that this works on the internal screen? This would be quite strange, because I think Optimus support for Windows 10 was supposed to have been added since Geforce drivers 361.75. I think the Intel Iris Pro 5200 drivers that I am using on Windows 10 are listed as 15.38.xx (dont remember the last digits) in the intel driver update utility. It is what the Intel driver utility identifies as the latest drivers for Windows 10. I have not tried any others.
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