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PremaMod for P170EM and 970m - GPU mismatch Error


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Prema Bios

Prema vBios für GTX 970m DM G-Sync

Modded nVidia 376.33 driver


for the .inf, ive added this:
%NVIDIA_DEV.1618.7102.1558% = Section019, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1618&SUBSYS_71021558
%NVIDIA_DEV.1618.7102.1558% = Section020, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1618&SUBSYS_71021558
%NVIDIA_DEV.1618.7102.1558% = Section021, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1618&SUBSYS_71021558

and this
NVIDIA_DEV.1618.7102.1558 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970m"


is working now .... getting 2 bluscreens per week but i think there is something else wrong with my p170EM :(




ive got nearly the same Problem like this guy:



My Hardware:

P170EM, QWERTZ Keys, no left Windows Button
PremaMod Bios V2


I've bought a 970m.

ive replaced my old 7970m, then:

Uninstalled all Drivers etc, installed intel driver, tryed to install nvidia, failed.

Trying to install PremaMod 970m vBios, but it says "error" ( see screens )

GPU-Z sees the GPU but Nvidia Driver couldnt find it.

The PremaBios ( in BIOS options ) says: GPU : Empty


After reading the other guys prob, ive tested the G Sync DM / ZM vBios and its possible to install the 970m GSYNC DM vBios

But i dont have a GSYNC laptop :( And the GSYNC PremaMod vBios isnt compatible to my P170EM


How do i solve the Problem?

Is it the "wrong" 970m?


And ... prema wasnt online since a month ... will he come back? x_X





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