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  1. was your voltage in a good range? could of fried it. what temps was it at normally? you could of slowly been baking it.
  2. 1. lower your sensitivity if your aim sucks, raise it if you cant move your gun in time, most pros play 400-800. 2. familiarity in the map is usually why people get the drop on you, if you play enough you will know where they come from. 3. get a better headset/up the volume so you hear footsteps. 4. higher refresh rate monitor. 5. read suggestion three again.
  3. windows runs on your integrated graphics card i believe. I have a 970m and never had windows problems. If you find out your problem is windows running on your integrated graphics card then you can make windows run on your dedicated through the control panel. updating to windows 10 is easy, just download the ISO and upgrade through the settings, make sure you get your windows product key from cmd before you upgrade.
  4. alienware 15 r2 970m with i7-6700hq vbios request so i can overclock and mess with voltage. BIOS version backup made with techpowerup GPU-z. GM204.rom or can someone re direct me to one already made that will work? all links i find are dead, thanks.
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