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New Macbook TB3


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So they finally came out and sadly no 15' with iris only for me but good to see TB3; can't wait to see the first eGPU implementations. I'm really thinking of upgrading my 2012 TB1 machine :)


Looks like apple has not picked up on the eGPU community yet; total silence on this part.. What do you all think ? Really weird that they would not try to take advantage of the eGPU market..


But are we just a software update away from official support now ?

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Yep just preordered a 13" from a 2013 15" 750m because I want to downsize. Hopefully I won't get the dGPU woes that come with it as well. The cheapest TB2 -> TB3 adaptor right now is ironically Apple's own.


So now I have a few things that I want to find out once I get it:


1. Will I get my TB2 eGPU (Sonnet III-D + Titan X) to work? Can't wait for the Akitio Node!

2. Will I get it to work on macOS?

3. Will I be able to use it on Windows?

4. If I get it to work on Windows, how much will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

4. Will I be able to use the hot-plug feature?

5. Will I get my 1080 to work (currently waiting for Mac Drivers so it's sitting in my gaming PC)?


The only thing that's getting me real salty right now is the double whammy between Apple's "early adopter 1st-gen product tax" and the £ getting a pounding against the $.

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@Mark Looking forward to see your results :)


I also realized that Akitio has released a TB3 version of the thunder box. Called Thunder3. Probably wise to upgrade to that if you want to avoid bottleneck




What is the theory for getting a Node to work on OSX with @goalque script ? Could not find any info searching the forum


Should we negotiate a group order ? I would love to get one of those cheaper 

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