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eGPU will not Launch games


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So I got this problem last week. Basically, my eGPU will not launch games like Overwatch or steam games like Gmod. On Overwatch, it will say that it cannot find a compatible graphics hardware and steam games just outright don't even launch the application yet it says that I am running it. This all happens when I can see my egpu on the hidden icons bar below and says it is working properly in the device manager. My eGPU use to work but now it doesn't for some reason. I am using a Bizon Box 2 NVIDIA GTX 960 2 GB connected to a thunderbold 2 cable on my mid 2015 15 in Macbook Pro Retina without a discrete gpu and currently bootcamped to windows 10 home. Is there a way to fix this? I heard the DxDiag file is important so here it is. pastebin.com/0GmthHkj

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