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  1. @DaSpaceMonkey Most welcome - glad you got your setup running.
  2. I'm running the 6GB version of the same card and had a similar issue with error 43. I rolled back to Nvidia Desktop drivers - 368.81-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql My setup is working perfectly now. Just make sure that you completely remove the old drivers and when you install the 368.81 - choose the advanced option and choose the new install to overwrite previous driver profiles.
  3. That is pretty strange... Has your device manager ever identified the eGPU as a 1060 or has it always come up as the Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor? If it hasn't ever been identified as the 1060 then there could possibly be an issue with one or maybe more of the below: 1) 1060 Graphics card 2) eGPU Adaptor (Cable not seated properly or faulty unit) 3) Power Supply Unit (faulty rail or not supplying enough amps on the rail) Easiest way to check the this would be to: 1) Try a different external graphics card (borrow one from a friend etc.) 2) Connect your current setup to another laptop It is essential that Windows identifies the eGPU as the 1060 (or whatever card you have inserted) otherwise the drivers won't install.
  4. Try taking it off UMA only - mine isn't on that setting.
  5. Hi, Check to see if your eGPU is being detected in Device Manager as I had that issue when I rebooted and it stopped seeing my card. Press F2 on reboot and go into the BIOS - Check what your Graphics settings are - What are your Graphics set to? Exit out and then boot into Windows normally and see if your external card is being detected in Device Manager. Make sure that you are downloading drivers for the Desktop Nvidia cards and not the Laptop ones.
  6. I had similar issues (even read this thread looking for help) and after a bit of trial and error I managed to sort them out. I'll describe my setup and what I did to resolve the Error Code 43. Laptop: Lenovo y510p with Dual Nvidia 755m (SLI) 16GB RAM SATA SSD and NGFF SSD Windows 10 I have recently bought the EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock + Mini PCI-E Cable - WITH POWER ADAPTER along with a Zotac 1060 6GB AMP card. The supplied PSU outputs 220w of which the Zotac 1060 requires 140w. Before you begin - make sure you uninstall the Nvidia Laptop drivers completely Remove Ultra Bay GFX if you have it (Should be removed by this point to get to the WiFi card) Disable 755M & Intel 4600 GFX adaptors in Device Manager Download and install - 368.81-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql Connect HDMI cable to external GFX card (critical step this one...) My set up is working perfectly and is stable. I did try to go back to the 372.xx drivers and nothing worked so I went back further to 368.81 I hope this helps.
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