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Found 9 results

  1. Two top gaming keyboards pitted against each other. Both support rapid trigger and use Hall effect switches. Watch the full video to see who comes out on top!
  2. Fantastic keyboard, check out the full review here: Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Review - YouTube Summary This review discusses the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL keyboard, highlighting its features such as the Gen 2 analog Optical switches, quick onboard adjustments, media keys, volume knob, and customizable profiles. The keyboard has a high build quality, minimal key wobble, and provides an excellent typing experience. However, it is considered expensive compared to alternative brands like the Drunk Deer A75. Key Takeaways Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL keyboard features Gen 2 analog Optical switches, offering quick and precise actuation. The keyboard allows for easy and customizable onboard adjustments, including actuation distance and profile switching. It has a solid build quality with minimal key wobble and textured keycaps for enhanced grip during gaming. The keyboard offers rapid trigger functionality, comparable to the SteelSeries Apex Pro and Drunk Deer A75. Razer Synapse software provides extensive customization options, including lighting effects and macro programming. Game mode might have some issues regarding disabling the Windows key. The Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL keyboard is relatively expensive compared to alternatives like the Drunk Deer A75.
  3. Full review coming soon. Here's the unboxing video:
  4. hello everyone, I've been facing a problem with my Clevo p170em, my keyboard is completely misconfigured, the f7 key is in place of the left arrow (<-), the space changed with tab, some keys are listed as undefined, and several others are changed , and it has been like this for a long time, time and again it returns to normal after restarting several times. Has anyone ever experienced this ? Recently my machine started to restart itself after a few minutes (approximately 30 to 40 minutes), it goes into hibernation by itself the first few times, then it restarts completely. For both problems I did the formatting, but the problem was not resolved. Is there a way to test it to see if it could be the BIOS or hardware?
  5. I fiddled around with modding my laptops BIOS to unlock XMP profiles and hopefully seeing if optimus could be disabled. After flashing my modded bios and trying it out, I noticed that my keyboards backlight no longer turns on. I was unaware it requires an official BIOS to function. They backlights wont turn on unless ASUS ATK package is installed but now it seems it also needs an official BIOS? The modded ROM and tool I used if anyone has any experience with this and doesn't mind telling me what to enable/disable, or anything else i can do to re-enable them
  6. I'm talking about digits row, not numpad block. Very often those keys either don't work, or print two characters at once. If I press again, they may work or not, or print two characters this time. Anyone had this issue? I'm looking for those who have a design similar to Lenovo Y500. It started after a good few years of usage and became very annoying. Is the keys structure just becoming old? Can I take those specific keys out and clean them, or it's too risky and I can break them in the process? Do I have to disassemble the whole laptop? Is the keyboard disassembled from the front or the back? I'm going to replace the wi-fi soon so I was thinking if I could do both. I also heard about something like compressed air keyboard cleaner. Could it help with my case and my keyboard type, and do I use it on assembled or disassembled parts?
  7. Hi guys. i've bought a w350et from a friend of mine but it has a uk keyboard and it is realy strange to me and i cant find a pt-pt keyboard to sell. Also i cant find on the internet the latest drivers and utilities, and for bios updates i cant find anything from clevo. In my current bios i cant find anything about hyper threading and the thing to activate and deactivate igpu. Can u guys please help me find out this things? os win 10
  8. I have been looking for a wireless backlit keyboard. The Logitech K800, K810, K830 surely are excellent options; however, I am not comfortable spending eighty plus dollars on a keyboard. Less than a handful of alternatives were found on Amazon, such as Azio, Ivation, Perixx, SHARKK (alphabetical order), in the proximity of thirty-five bucks. Among them, Periboard 808 is the newest model, so I decided to give it a try. Some pictures: Pros: - Huge battery capacity, 1900mAh. I have been using it at full brightness for 2 weeks without recharging (3hr on weekday, 8hr on weekend). - Thin and lightweight - Signal range > 12 meter, within line-of-sight. So far no experience on connection or character lost, on android or PC. Cons: - Plastic build. ( Check out SHARKK if you want metallic build) - Light leakage at the edges of keys, a lot.
  9. Hi! From my point of view P151SM suits my needs better than P150SM or P157SM, because is cheaper and right now I don't need a powerful MXM graphics. The only issue I have with this model would be related with the missing backlit keyboard. Would be possible to swap the non lit original keyboard and install an illuminated keyboard from the P150SM model? Also, as a last question, I see the powerbrick for P151SM can provide up to 120W. Is this swapable with the one from P150SM which should provide 180W? Thanks!
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