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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, lots of useful info on here! Still I need to ask a few questions as my setup isn't quite working! I've a 2012 rMBP on El Capitan 10.11.2 and I used the automate_eGPU.sh script to quickly sort out the modification of files and installation of NVIDIA web drivers. I'm testing it with an NVIDIA GTS450 which is connected via a Sonnet Echo Pro and PE4C 3.0. SW1 is set to 2 (PERST# delay 9.8sec), SW2 to 1 (CLK no delay). It's picked up fine in OS X and I can drive an external monitor with it no problem. However, it doesn't appear to be doing any rendering - all the legwork is still being done by the internal GT650M!!! It shows each screen as being driven by the GT650M in About This Mac, and testing with games seems to corroborate this. What gives? I can't find any examples online of other people who've had this problem (at least in OS X). The GTS450 is correctly identified in System Information. A second question... I know there isn't a way to get the output on the internal LCD on Windows on this Macbook due to it having a dGPU and Apple's rubbish firmware, but is that the case in OS X? The Intel HD4000 is accessible there, does that mean I could funnel the graphics back to the internal LCD or is it just impossible on all counts?
  2. Hi guys, I write this guide to remind myself how to setup the system and sorry for my bad english. it’s not my mother language. (Feel free to correct me if I wrong) This guide is based on karthikrajanv’s post as following: http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides/8006-%5Bguide%5D-2012-15-macbook-pro-gtx750ti%4010gbps-tb1-akitio-thunder2-win8-1-bios.html#post109488 Some parts may be copied from his posts so the credit goes to him. At first after I read many threads I was confused which method should I use and found out that Apple computer those were released after MacBook Air mid 2013 will have UEFI for the Bootcamp and all Apple computer’s released before will use BIOS. This would determine the method you have to use. For Windows 8.1 will use UEFI by default if it capable. For Windows 7 will use BIOS by default. The BIOS method do need DIY eGPU Setup 1.x from @Tech Inferno Fan so please donate if you want to use it. The UEFI method doesn’t need it so you can setup it easier than BIOS (If I understand correctly) Things you will need: Hardware - MacBook pro 15” 2012 (non retina) 650m with TB1 - Akitio TB2 Box - Inno3d GTX 960 (This manufacturer is not so famous in US but it’s the cheapest in my country which still cost around $216 included tax) - Silverstone SFXL 500w - PCI x16 riser with Molex you can find it from eBay - Dell U2414H with Displayport - Apple Thunderbolt Cable 2m (Akitio does include the cable but it’s too short) Software - Windows 8.1 Pro - DIY eGPU Setup 1.x - Latest GPU Driver from website Configuration: Hardware - Connect Graphic card to PCI riser female >>> Connect PCI riser male to Akitio >>> Connect Akitio TB to Mac - Connect PSU molex male to PCI riser Molex female >>> Connect PSU 6 Pin to Graphic card - Connect Display port cable from Graphic card to Monitor - Do Paper clip trick for the PSU Software - Install DIY eGPU Setup 1.x from @Tech Inferno Fan it will extract to your c:\eGPU - Go to c:\eGPU, right click "setup-disk-image" select "Run as administrator" then reboot - Choose DIY eGPU Setup 1.x from your boot screen (Before Windows start) - Press 2 to select “Menu Based Setup” (don’t press anything else it will freeze the system) - Go to initialize and select eGPU. This will create the startup.bat file. - Go to PCIe compaction and choose a 3.87GB/32-bit PCIe compaction on ALL except SATA+.. with closeunusedbridges = off .(no root sign) This will create the required pci.bat file. - In my and karthikrajanv’s cases this will freeze our Macbook saying "Remove disk a, Insert disk b" at the end of the compaction if it is, please following this: - Force Shutdown by holding power button - Reboot into DIY eGPU Setup 1.x again - Go to PCI Compaction > Edit pci.bat and change all a:x.x and b:x.x to 0a:x.x and 0b:x.x (Beware the letters must be stick together not a space between them) then press F10 and go to File and Save or just press Ctrl+S then Go to Test Run and test it - See if the right side of the menu shows “PCI Write” and “all_alloc (256MB)” are “YES” - Reboot to DIY eGPU 1.x Setup again this time press 6 (Chainload using MBR) it will go to boot screen then press 1 “Automated Startup via Startup.bat” then boot to Windows 8.1 In Windows 8.1 - The Intel HD4000 will not be able to use. - Go to Nvidia Control Panel >>> Set up multiple displays from the left menu. - Choose which display you want to use eGPU only or both then click Apply Booting eGPU - Turn on MacBook Pro and select DIY eGPU Setup 1.x - Choose eGPU in Initialize like Software Setup - Test run (not necessary but for making sure) - Go to Chainloader and press Test then press 6 (Chainload using MBR) it will go to boot screen then press 1 “Automated Startup via Startup.bat” then boot to Windows 8.1 Troubleshooting Like karthikrajanv’s post. My system has the same problem while starting eGPU sometimes (many) MacBook Pro will not boot in to BIOS. It will freeze at the white screen after the chime even I press alt to choose the drive it still freeze after I choose Bootcamp (though I can go to OS X without any problem). At first I thought my problem is different and I almost give up on eGPU but after many tries I found 3 solutions that might work 1. Boot up normally if lucky it will go straight to select boot Windows or DIY 2. If it freeze try disconnect yellow and black wire from Akitio like karthikrajanv’s post and replug at Menu Based (But mine still can’t find eGPU after that even though I press F5, weird?) 3. If it freeze try disconnect yellow and black wire from Akitio shutdown both Akitio and MacBook Pro boot up everything then reconnect the yellow black cable These give me 2/5 times for successfully boot into Windows with eGPU so I’m okay with this and waiting for refresh of the next MacBook Pro to replace this one with less hassle. LOL edit: I tried using 90 degree riser between the card to raiser and the booting performance is greatly increased. It's now almost no problem at boot up. Here are 3DMark score for 960 compare to 650m (same system except gpu) 960: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6203202 650m: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6205394
  3. Hi guys, I own a MBPr Mid 2012 with the following specs: i7 3820QM @ 2.7ghz 16gb ram 756gb ssd nVidia 650m Windows 10 technical preview My egpu setup is: PE4L 2.1B Sapphire HD7970 6GB Overclocked Vapor-X edition (2x 8pin power) 500watt psu - 18/01 swapped to 1200watt silverstone psu to fix stability problems Sonnet Echo express pro Powered 1x to 16x molex riser - 17/01 removed due to instability - 18/01 added again because stability issues were due to $20aud psu My setup if finally working! Installed bootcamp Ran bootcamp driver installation. Ran setup 1.2 (Thanks Nando!) Compacted PCI. Ran test chainloader config Booted with egpu recognised as HD7900 series in device manager. Benchmark results Unigine Heaven 4.0 extreme preset: Score of 947 windowed mode. Max fps 75 min fps 17 Cinebench r15: OpenGL score of 77 Alien Isolation: Not a real benchmark but fps didnt drop below 60 during the 1 hr of gameplay on max settings Farcry 4: On ultra settings the game is playable not dipping below 35fps with vsync on. Very high settings see an increase to a min of 45 fps. Pretty surreal what can be done with a talented programmer (Nando) and a bit of persistence. Thanks!
  4. An interesting point of view
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