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  1. Yes, prepared it so that it's DOS-bootable exactly as described in the first post -----------Edit---------------- Seeing En-TACT's success on page 37, I also tried making a different USB drive DOS-bootable, but I still get the same "System doesn't have any USB boot option" message
  2. Ok, so I'm just about on the last step of flashing my BIOS, but I have a problem. I'm unable to boot from my USB drive in order to flash the BIOS. I prepared the USB drive as described in the instructions on the first page and then attempted to boot from the USB drive by holding down shift and clicking restart in Windows 8. Then, I click on the "Use a device" option and then the only option is "EFI USB Device." I click on "EFI USB Device" and then I get the message "System doesn't have any USB boot option. Please select other boot option in Boot Manager Menu." Then there are three options in the Boot Manager: 1. My hard drive, 2. EFI network 0 for IPv4, and 3. EFI network 0 for IPv6. I don't know what options 2 and 3 are, so I chose my HD and then the computer boots as it normally would.
  3. Excellent, I was able to create a backup of my BIOS. I have a question about the Y580-Y480_BiosFix tool: following the on-screen instructions, I typed the name of my backup BIOS (BiosBackup.bin in my case), pressed enter, then typed the name of the modified BIOS file (v801.rom, in my case, obtained from the attachment named "Lenovo Y580 - Y480 BIOS v8.01 (5DCN90WW) - Mod.zip" from the first post) then pressed enter. A file named v801Fix.rom was created; however, v801Fix.rom has a size of 0 KB. Does it sound like everything was carried out without issue? Will this 0 KB v801Fix.rom file be the one that I eventually put on my DOS-bootable USB drive? Also, in the next step (copying the fixed BIOS, the prr.exe tool, the fpt.exe, and fparts.txt to the USB drive), I understand that fixed BIOS is the file that was created using the Y580-Y480_BiosFix tool, the prr.exe is from the "prr tool" attachment (from first post), and the fpt.exe is from the "DOS version" flash tool attachment (from first post), but which fparts.txt should I use? From the attachments I've downloaded, I can see that there are three potential fparts.txt files: one that came with the FPT DOS attachment, one from the FPT Win64 attachment, and one from the 'Error 104' attachment. ------------Edit--------------- Actually, I just ran the Y580-Y480_BiosFix tool again and this time it created a file that is the same size as the the modified BIOS file before it was put through the tool (4,608 KB). I will proceed to copy this v801Fix.rom file to my DOS-bootable USB drive. However, I still don't know which fparts.txt file to use...
  4. Again, my apologies (I really don't have any experience flashing a BIOS or using the command prompt, I'm just trying to get respectable wifi reception and speeds with my y580)--I think I've called up the .bat through the elevated command prompt and this is the message I receive: C:\windows\system32>fptw64.exe -d-BiosBackup.bin -bios 'fptw64.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  5. Sorry n00b question here: How can I keep the command prompt screen from instantly closing after running the backup.bat file? I'm running windows 8 and I currently have BIOS version 5DCN90WW installed. I was getting Error 284 for a while, but once I started running backup.bat as an administrator, the error has disappeared (there's no red text in the command prompt when it's open for a fraction of a second). I disabled Windows Defender and my separate antivirus program and the command prompt continues to close very quickly on it's own. Also, where does backup.bat spit out the backup file that is created (i.e. how will I know when the process has been successful)?
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