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  1. Hi, looking to grab a 7970m today/tomorrow. my 6990m broke down yesterday out of nowhere. It has white lines on post/bios and will run either on safe mode or on vga drivers. No proper AMD drivers.My local guy has an 7970m directly pulled from an m17x r4 which he says is uefi enabled. I have no idea what that uefi is and I'm not quite up to par when it comes to understanding how the tech works in detail.TL;DR will that card from an m17x r4 work on my m15x without much work? ergo plug and play?thanks
  2. More reports from me: I tried reflashing my m15x 6990m's clevo vbios a second time. This time to a dell bios for that HDMI sound. I succeeded in flashing but... after a reboot, I was welcomed with no display and successful boots. I did a blind flash to restore my clevo vbios to get my card working properly again. Now, here I am asking why that happened =\ I attached an image of what I THINK is a successful vbios flash along with both my dell and clevo vbios files. bios.zip
  3. Ambient in my country is 34C or thereabouts. My room though is a little hotter than that. Not to mention my room has bad ventilation and is naturally dusty thanks to my surroundings. Still, I manage and keep the place friendly for cpus. my ram is 4/2. 2 sticks. I'll report again maybe tomorrow when I land on my friend's place and see what temps I get there on idle. Philippines is a really hot country imo. *edit -it seems that shader clocks are what heats up the most in my set up though everything, every small black block thing on my card makes full pad contact. Pads are 0.5mm thick/thin. -What would be the highest core/memory clocks I can get with a .95 undervolt? I could experiment but.. I am afraid of screwing the card around. I find it very very uneasy to flash vbios at all, much less experiment/play with it. -I played a good long full day of gaming [where full day is mostly idle work day and really just playing all the time] where I had fully maxed out assassin's creed 3's video settings just to push the card to its heating limits in my air conditioned office. it maxed out at 86C. Not a single shutdown. Also there's this on battery:
  4. Reporting in. Still getting the shutdown but... I don't understand the primary cause. if anything, I tried and used kombustor just to fire up the 6990m's heat to 90C and see if it would shut down. It did not. Should I have tested this a little longer? so far I'm stable at 85-86C. It's just that in some parts of the game, it gets too visual heavy and I spike up to 90c and a little more to shut down. If anything, my specs are: -500gb hdd 7200rpm -6gb stock ram from dell -Clevo/kapok 6990m with 13.1 drivers -vbios flashed to undervolt. Bios version: (BR40794.004) -Still needing an alternate download link for svl7's dell vbios for DP/HDMI sound.[i can't as I am under 5 posts atm] -740qm CPU, stock clocks. I've never OCed these and the height of temp on these with the AS5 on it at full load in a really really really hot place is 77/78c. I've read about possible power draw issues and... that isn't it. I have my power brick led lit up if and when it shuts down. my temps are fine I think. Maybe it's just that on some parts of where I stay, ambient temps are too high? I idle at 51-56C depending on where I am. Would appreciate insights. The copper shin mod, in my case, doesn't seem to be necessary. No contact with that weird coil thing on my heatpipe. Here is what my gpu looked like after my first paste job. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting I had reduced the amount of paste by a bit for the second paste job but my temps are the same. maxing out at 85/86C until I fire up kombustor and force it to hit 90c. I stopped the test immediately after it hit 90. was afraid of a thermal shutdown and what other effects might happen to my lovable gpu chip.
  5. Reporting in again So I got the 6990 [yay!] 6 hours ago, I finally got it fit tight and cozy. it was a eurocom card and my xplate/heat sink had trouble installing it. I had to unlock the locked screws on the m15x heatsink and use the ones my supplier/dealer sent with the gpu [which worked. Hassle but worked]. I installed m17x drivers [that didn't work for some reason] then installed official AMD ones and yay I got my resolution back. Playtime~ Tomb raider tested with everything on and apparently tessellation really really taxes a gpu even one as good as a 6990. FPS was at 25-30+ with tessellation and no tressfx. I ran assassin's creed 3. Apparently Ubisoft hates AMD or something because my old gtx460m performed way better at lower settings, i.e. no frame rate drops and stable at 30++ *overall* whereas this 6990m gets a lot of fps loss when I look forward but then I regain all the lost fps if I look a little to the road and less to the horizon. Great. I head home. Fast forward to about an hour ago, I got my first thermal shutdown. I was playing diablo 3 with everything maxed out and for some reason my temps hit 90C. it went a little higher it as my HWinfo32 gadget says there were 91.5 and 91 on I think the memory module or something when I booted up again. -insue panic I realize I could have done a bad paste job but if I did, I'd be hitting 90C even in an air conditioned room because... I used to have a really bad paste job with my ancient 5850m until I learned somehow. what else could I do? google's first hit was somewhere in this thread as well. undervolting. so I did, apparently stock volts were at 1.1 at max performance. I reduced it to 1.0 and the 1.05 down to 1.0 as well. Both were done with RBE and atiwinflash. So far, at maxed out playing settings for d3/creed 3 in an unairconditioned room, I'm maxing out at 84C. That's a good thing, yes? Can I now rest easy and say I've *completed* my upgrade?
  6. Hi, after a year of thinking and researching [i.e. reading about this upgrade], I think I am ready to finally get that card. One thing I need to know is roughly how *hot* would a 6990m get? For benchmarking purposes, if any at all, I am currently playing assassin's creed 3 and here are my specs/temps on the following settings: Environments: high texture/shadow/AA: normal Paste is ac5 STOCK gtx 460m: idle at 53C, maxed at 90C. *** Maxing at 76C with those settings in an air conditioned room. STOCK i7 740qm: idle at 54/55C, maxed at 77/78C. ***69/70C with same settings in an air conditioned room. These are my normal temps in a room without air conditioning. if it matters: my boot temps are 33-38C on CPU and 43C on my gpu. That's after a night's sleep/shutdown in an air conditioned room. average temperature in my country: Manila, Philippines weather and forecast or 34C ambient temp
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