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  1. If you ever decide to replace your thermal paste will you please make a video on how to take apart the y580? : )
  2. lol +400 over original core and +700 over original memory... how long do u think our laptops will last with proper cooling/whatnot's lol I'd say 1.5 year tops.. btw ya I'm really scared I might break something when i try to take it apart... i'm screwed and none of my friends are techies..
  3. wow 3125 memory.. not with stock voltage right? my max was 1250 core/2900 memory and got 3,43* on 3dmark 11 and 13,000 3dmark vantage. btw you were able to dismantle the y580 and re-apply fresh thermal paste on both CPU/GPU's. I am afraid to take my apart as I have no experience in laptop hardware especially one that's soo tucked in tight.. lol u had to remove the keyboard right? - - - Updated - - - I am unable to clean the gpu/cpu fans without dismantling the laptop right? I tried pointing my compressed air can through the gpu airflow but it's too small )=
  4. I uinstalled the program lenovo dynamic graphics.. I find it useless and balance or high performance is already enough. not sure if this will help but it's worth a try!
  5. thank you very much man, i really mean it. btw, roughly how much does the intel 6300 go for? i see some on ebay for $35 but from China... - - - Updated - - - I'm on a 12 MBS connection from uverse and getting like 40ping through google.. on my old 3mb connection I would get under 20ms. lol haha
  6. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor,LENOVO Product Name score: P3472 3DMarks 1250 core & 2900 memory
  7. when i get home around 7pm (6 more hours from now), i will try running 3d mark vantage gpu+cpu test with only 1 core?
  8. wow excellent!! all you do is replace the old card with the new one right : )? btw did u notice significent singal increase and lower pings while gaming/speed test?
  9. Thank you very much for your quick reply. What is TRL window? Maxmimum multiplyer is 31. What is average C0% when your CPU is idle? I'm sorry I'm really new to all this stuff. When I run 3dmark11 and vantage I'm suppose to use CPU has my physics right? I'm a little worried as to why I'm not scoring 22,000 on my cpu for 3d mark vantage when i run both the gpu/cpu test. thank you very much for your help sir. - - - Updated - - - but when i run 3d mark 11 the physics score seem to be fine. only with 3dmark vantage i'm having this problem. when i run just the cpu test alone it's fine. 22,XXX.
  10. )= any ideas? please ignore the gpu score as I was overclocking my 660m at the time of the test. - - - Updated - - - I also get around 17,800 points in 3D MARK VANTAGE when I run both GPU/CPU TEST but when i run CPU TEST ALONE IT goes back to 22,0XX what gives? )=
  11. was anyone able to get intel centrino-n 6300 working with svl7 2.07 mod?
  12. wow I learn something new everyday... nice!. Are you also using a aftermarket cooler? I am using a cooler master u3.. works perfect Maybe i'll run some benchmarks with 1200 core and 14000 memory with 3d mark 11
  13. thank you very much svl7 and schranzmaster. wow how are you able to increased it further then 1000mhz!?!? I don't want to mess with my voltage so I think 1000mhz is good enough for now... maybe later to 1085 or possibly 1100mhz core and 1400mhz mem round of beers coming up!
  14. i extract onto my desktop. run the inysdeflash.exe and restart when finish? i close all my programs : ). i will do it tonight when i come back from work and keep u updated! eeeeeh btw will i be able to increase the mhz to more after flashing? I use EVGA and nvidia inspector
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