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  1. You can get this card on ebay for 270$. You can even make an upgrade to gtx675m for 300$ which will give you a boost of performance (of course you have to check the heat sink which has to fit exactly).
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with my MSI GT680 notebook. 2 weeks ago my PC started to shut down by itself. I noticed that it's related to the power supply. I think the plug into the notebook for the power supply is unsoldered because if I move the cable the nb starts to charge or stops to charge. When this happens the nb shuts down after few seconds. The nb starts normally and I don't receive any information that the nb had shut down unexpected. So the question is: does my nb shuts down because of the unsolderd plug in or maybe because the power supply reached the end of life? On battery I don't have this problem.
  3. Am I able to play smooth this game with my i7-2630QM and GTX460M (with 8GB of ram)?
  4. In my GT680 if I put the unlocked bios, do I have to change it to some different bios in case I upgrade the CPU?
  5. Swamping the cpu is very easy and you don't need anything additional to do this (except the thermal paste). In case of gpu than you need to have the right heatsink. I believe that the one from gtx570m is ok.
  6. That's a really nice song... I recommend it: Miguel - Adorn - YouTube
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