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  1. You can't undervolt with Inspector?
  2. Thanks for your work, will donate when have a chance. I'd like to flash your latest BIOS for P770EM. I have it setup, dual boot W10 and Ubuntu and working fine. My fear is once I flash you custom bios, I'll lose the setup as it has happened in the past with BIOS flashes. Somehow grub disappears. Any suggestions?
  3. So what is your verdict? Doesn't seem NVidia is going to revert to me.
  4. PREMA, Will you be releasing an updated vBIOS or do you have reason to believe NVidia will fix their drivers soon?
  5. What do you think? Will that work for mobile?
  6. @PREMA http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=5207403&postcount=27
  7. If you find out what resisters to mod, please post here.
  8. @Prema Do you know how to hardware mod a 980M into 980M-G?
  9. I'll trade. I have a 13D7 and want your 1617.
  10. @Prema I have an idea for you to consider. I want to turn my P770ZM into G-Sync ready, I have the display, eDP port, but the incomplete 980M Clevo sold me when they could have sold me a complete 980M that wasn't gimped. Is it possible to mod the G-Sync VBIOS by changing device ID from 1617 to 13D7? I know Clevo were dickheads by gimping my 980M with voltage resistor changes, but would this possibly circumvent this asinine problem? Thanks
  11. Anyone seen the latest Sager bios?
  12. Thanks, will wait for a final version without bugs.
  13. PREMA, do you know why this happens? Whever I put the laptop to sleep or off power, the GPU memory can't be overclocked, have to do a restart. Also is the stock vBIOS the one that wasn't affected by the overclock block? Also I see MySN listed bios for P770ZM dated 05/22/15 Thanks.
  14. PREMA, Trying to install Ubuntu on P770ZM. I get mmc0 unknown controller error at install. Can't get around it. Not sure if it's BIOS related or not. Go any ideas? Thanks
  15. Don't have MSI, but I use Asus GPU Tweak, setting is 1275 core and 5800 memory @ stock voltage. Stable playing hours of Crysis 3. Friend's OC with Asus +135 and 5800 on memory with Asus Tweak is not very different from mine. You can ask and maybe they will be kind to work on it, it's really not a big deal, it's a good OC and the results are comparable to what I see Clevo users are getting with larger OC and over-volting.
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