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  1. Hi Svl, sorry for my late replay but was away for some time, I am trying to find my system revision but no success so far, I make full report with HWinfo and will attache it, if you can find it. But so far no success having my DP work,,,,,,,,,, report_Ivan_M15X.zip
  2. Where to check mobo revision ? - - - Updated - - - Maybe it is related o my mobo revision, where to check it ? - - - Updated - - - Maybe it is related o my mobo revision, where to check it ? - - - Updated - - - Maybe it is related o my mobo revision, where to check it ?
  3. I have 022 and myne is also on 0,975 never go more. Maybe something is resently changed by dell. P.S? DP is sill not working.
  4. I was thinking to downgrade vbios, but some one here say it is not possible to go down., is it really true ?
  5. I am in office now, and can post pictures of card and some screens, Let me know if this helps, and do u think this is Dell card. BR, Ivan
  6. OSD is on screen display, but it also enable some specific buttons, on my M15x, one of this buttons is stelth mode which i think limits power so u have more battery life. So in fact in you case with msi notebook this will not work, but maybe you you shoud look if there is somethig like this, i remember i have something simmilar on my assus before power for gear or something, which again limit power. But i suggest you to first test beta 13.2 drivers from benchmark3d Drivers Search – BenchmarK3D
  7. Hum, I think I see it installing hdmi audio driver, also what was interesting I see hdmi sound device 6 times , like hdmi audio 1, hdmi audio 2 etc to 6, but on all of them it say not pluged inn. Tomorow I can post screen shot maybe since now I am on my iPad..... Card is supposed to be Dell, I buy from NBR market place from same person like lordvader and seller clame it is original one, will post picture of it tomorrow as well to advise me.
  8. I have simmilar problem on my M15x, it alweys stay low clock, than I find out that maybe this was related with my OSD driver probably because somehow without this driver system was in stelth mode. After I installed it clock go high, but still did,t go 850/1200, this was with latest oficial driver from ati site. Then I download I think 13.1 Beta 4 from some site benchmark3d, and all work flowless at the moment. Hope this will help you.
  9. Already done with clean install, but was same story, about sound I don,t think it is driver related, since it say not plugged in like it have driver but device is missing. I will try to reset bios, and will ket you know result. Btw you have 015.022 isntaled on dell card?
  10. Hi Nylon, I think me and u stuck in this DP problem but I will go to bottom.... My card is supposed to be Dell, or at least I buy it to be Original Dell card from NBR Marketplace. Unfortunatly he is with most resent Dell Vbios 015.022. I think but I am not sure that this is root of my DP problems. Btw in my case DP not working at all not in boot not in windows. Also in windows what I see is that In sound settings it say HDMI sound not plugged in, and this sound device is found 6 times. About performance settings I installed latest beta drivers and now it work fine for now, but I still testing. One more thing I think is interesting, card seems to not go to 850/1200 at all before I installed Dell OSD driver"....... After Installed it all run flowless.
  11. Display port not working in my case, it is original Dell but still not working. I think something is changed in 015.022 vbios. But this is just my suggestion. What is you vbios version and is it Display Port working ? I am just trying to figureout why mine and I think to few other people DP not work.
  12. I have a problem with DP on my 7970m in M15x, it is with 015.022, from what I read I can;t downgrade vbios to some more DP compatible version, am I right ? BR, Ivan
  13. No one is replaying this is sad, Also I think that maybe problem is with new Dell Vbios, but this is only my suggestion. Card Version is 015.022 which I think is latest one, I am wondering if some one tested DP with this Vbios, also is it possible to downgrade this Vbios to some lower version which support DP for sure. Another issue that I face is that I think with some drivers card don;t go to 1200/850 and performance is bad. I do fresh install on Windows 8, and do some tests with drivers, but DP still not working. Svl7 Please show-up in forum and give your opinion BR, Ivan
  14. Hi I am using Belkin DP/DP cable, also my monitor is Dell U2412 with DP port. All this cable and monitor was working fine on my old HD5850, so I don;t think this is cable/monitor issue. Also what I see is that Digital Display Audio, say not plugged in which mean that system don;t detect Digital out/ DP/ HDMI interface at all. BR, Ivan
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