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  1. Thank you for responding and sorry for the lack of information; my keyboard randomly but frequently decided to not register my keystrokes making typing a nightmare. I may have not attached the cable from the media panel as securely as i thought after i installed the gpu so i will see if that is the problem. As for the fan problem.. I can get to the fan control settings fine, but im not quite sure which sensors to use (basically how to configure it to work properly) and i was hoping to attain some help from a more knowledgeable person.
  2. I seem to be having trouble with configuring the hwinfo fan controls. would anyone mind sharing what they used?
  3. Upgradeyourlaptop from ebay sells them. although the shipping may be a bit steep to justify the price depending where you live. You can find them here: VGA heatsink screws - matched set of 4 + 2 bonus | eBay
  4. One more question if i may. Where did you happen to find your screws for the x-bracket. I've searched a few stores but found nothing so far.
  5. Did you manage to figure out if the vbios that came with the card from mxm-upgrade works fine or did you use the one posted here?
  6. Jeddik

    Path of Exile

    Love this game myself. Playing in the softcore league atm (7% exp loss when dieing on 2nd difficulty, 20% loss on 3rd difficulty) because hardcore doesn't appeal to me. However the new league they're in the process of creating right now seems pretty interesting to me. All the zones are public, anyone can kill anyone and i believe it uses hardcore rules (once you die your character + belongings are transferred to softcore)
  7. I find it very enjoyable to play with friends as your teamates can be very unpredictable. Teamwork and communication go a long way in these type of games.
  8. Ah yes you mentioned that before. Sorry it got a little confusing after reading that many posts! I will be using a lot of information that you have provided in previous posts to aid with the swap. When i'm finished i would love donate to you as thanks. You're a very helpful individual
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new here but i love this thread. it helps me with everything i need. I do have one question though that i'm a little confused about. If i was to upgrade my m15x from a 260m to the 7970m sold my mxm-upgrade, does it come with the right bracket that I will need? I want to upgrade, but i'm not certain what comes with the card from this provider and what doesn't. Thank you for your time
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