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  1. As a 'moba' (i think it should be AoS since the lol/dota/hon genre was based originally from aeon of strife custom game) gamer my entire life, i can say with much confidence that both LoL and DotA require an immense amount of skill and *mechanics* and one does not require more mechanics than the other. Don't follow the fad that one game is easier or less mechanically demanding than the other. *WARNING THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE OF BOTH GAMES JUST SKIM* I have played DotA since Riki used to have Voljin's ulti and played somewhat competitively through inhouse leagues and CAL. I was also fortunate enough to get the Dota 2 beta very early to have played 1000+ hours on it. With that being said, I have also made the transition into League of Legends because some of my closer friends played the game religiously like I did DotA. I played through season 2 and dipped into ranked a bit but started to really play ranked games this season 3. I am currently in my promotion matches to get into the Platinum Division (basically, i've played enough to be better than most but i'm not very good by all means, and nowhere near as good as I used to be in DotA / DotA 2) So why the resume of gaming experience? I just wanted you guys to know my background to reiterate my statement on both games-- each game requires just as much skill and *mechanics* as the other, one game not necessarily requiring more mechanics than the other. Why do I say this? Even though DotA provides more *mechanics* like denying, attack / spell animation cancelling, League also has its own elements like summoner spells than can be conceived as a *mechanic* After 8+ years of playing this genre, I honestly just want to ask, who kept saying *mechanics* ? Back then, it was all about your skill and how you adapted. Nowadays people just say game A or player A is harder / better because they have more mechanics or are mechanically sound. No. DotA is not chess while League is checkers. League has more complex game data mechanics due to its ap / ad ratio scaling off of spells while DotA has different elements like fog of war emphasis and user interface. TLDR; no game is superior or requires more skill than the other. League is not more casual (it just 'looks' easier but by no means is it easy to play) A pro League player will be just as good (if not better) as a pro Dota player making the switch, vice versa. Both games are different games but stem off the *MOBA* genre and that is the most important factor that people need to understand. I do agree DotA is more unforgiving than League is for newbies, but League is not the less skillful game. AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON ESPORTS RANT OVER
  2. will definitely agree with R1 is not ssd friendly with the A08 bios version because of the sata speeds restricting to 2 and my seagate constantly BSOD's. i haven't tried the modded A08 version yet and am praying that this will be the cure to my blue screens.
  3. i just wanted to let you know i've been having so many BSOD problems and followed your exact example step by step and this laptop feels better than ever. very easy to use and thank you so much for taking time to help newbies like me.
  4. same here. post #2 xD did your modified a08 fix your bios / sata issue?
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