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  1. Ah - mystery solved then. I didn't see any clock anomalies on my system because I had set auto time sync for every 10mins. Turning it off resulted in gradual clock slowdown with bclk set to 125. So basically any benchmarks on the bclk>100 setting are invalid? Pity, but at least kasar can now sleep better at night knowing that the theoretical max bclk o/c is still around 105 Also, is there any method to change the bclk strap on SB, either via bios or thru post such as Clover?
  2. Thanks Tech Inferno Fan - the problem is not the boot disk but the win8 UEFI disk. I can boot into Clover UEFI, the challenge is to have a win8 live usb to work against. I have win 7 64-bit installed and I don't really like to install win 8 on top of it, so would rather try out win8 uefi on usb. To date I have not been successful in making a win 8 boot disk that can boot just like a livecd. If anyone can help me out it would be great!
  3. Hi guys - I am (one of those) who managed to o/c osx successfully via clover UEFI. Via pinmod (ie: unlocking descriptor) I can increase BCLK to 105MHz, anything higher and it just locks up. Via OSX and Clover UEFI I can increase BCLK to 125 and even 133MHz. I have uploaded all the results at jkbuha's Profile - Geekbench Browser. I have used essentially two different boards - the i7-2620m (2.7GHz, with turbo 3.4GHz) and 2640m (2.8GHz, turbo 3.5GHz). With the latter I could get o/c speeds up to 4.2GHz, as can be seen from one of the results. The 3D Benchmarks and Prime95 tests have similar increases in speeds, but I've found Geekbench as the most reliable. As Tech Inferno Fan has correctly said, Clover UEFI does not work with Win 7 legacy (I have that at the moment), but I'm also unable to create a Win8UEFI USB to test. If someone can point me towards a reliable way to create one I might be able to verify Clover BCLK o/c via Windows as well. Let me know if you have any additional queries.
  4. Unfortunately I don't know if win7 can load properly because I have win8. I suspect it's most likely my crappy Dell SCT 2.0 Bios. I also did modify my ME FW from 7.0.x to 7.2.x.
  5. So.. 1) Yes lower values work as well, so this is a regular BCLK overlock 2) The giant string is to override my display to support dual link channel - nothing to do with overclocking, Hope this helps!
  6. Yes I put the default clock speed (100MHz) into my plist, but you can easily modify it either at load or runtime. To change it to 125MHz just put in 125000. Let me know who gets similar results. My Geekbench jumped from 7400 to 9200 upon applying 125000, and I suspect I can get higher, but I'm not really going to try that out for now until I know exactly what's going on. Also I'd like to understand the following as well: 1) Why can't I boot legacy OSes such as Win or Linux under clover 2) How are we going to enable undervolting for SB Thanks jkbuha
  7. Hi all Apologies for not replying sooner as have not been registered on this forum. @kasar rightly mentioned that I was able to use clover to clock my i7-2620m to 125MHz FSB, with corresponding 25% performance increases in geekbench. I've just posted the clover plist config in the bios forum (it's not really relevant here) but it is important to note that (i) I've only managed to make it work with OSX so far; Windows and Linux in legacy mode do not work (ii) as one of your has hinted previously, I *have* disabled USB3 ports purely for energy saving through a custom DSDT. Occasionally at 125MHz FSB (4000MHz CPU speed in HWMonitor) the system clock stops working; but otherwise I haven't observed any anomalies. To be quite honest, I'm not really after overclocking - I'd much rather see if we can undervolt our series 6/7s to have better battery life just like I managed to get out of my older core 2 duo xps. Any thoughts/comments welcomed. Oh, and whilst I'm here - thanks for the great forum contributors - thanks to you I've managed to update my ME to the latest 7.xx firmware. Thanks jkbuha
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