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  1. @ quix omega i have the same settings like yours before. maybe ill try to push it until 1300/1500 but i think i need to put thermal paste now i only have stock thermal paste from alienware
  2. Successfully overclocked my GT650m to 1200/1500 with no artifacts!!! this laptop and video card is crazy!!!!
  3. @ Quix Omega I Tried your setting on my M14x r2. and it performs very very well. When i was using the stock A11 when i play black ops 2 on all max settings the game lags when to much is happening on the screen. But when i used your overclock setting everyhting runs smoothly no lags at all haha!!!
  4. i just reflashed it with a11 unlocked bios v2. then everything was working properly.
  5. - - - Updated - - - those are the unlocked settings cool!! but im not changing anything haha
  6. yes haha the screen messed up like low resolution then random drivers started installing ang the nvidi gpu not detected but now everything is ok i tried to do furmark but it still throttles down 545. and i look up at gpuz there is still boost
  7. Yeah haha. hey mate its working perfectly now!!!! wooohoooo!!!!!!!! i just reflashed it with the correct one haha everything is working perfectly mate. - - - Updated - - - what bios default? after i flashed i went to the bios and just set eveything to default then save and exit
  8. ok it flashed ok. bow it syas that that my power brick is wrong i need 240w only detected 150. and my nvidia gpu not detected
  9. yup i redownloaded it now. thanks for pointing it out. but why is it m17x r4?
  10. image still not found same error as before. still doesnt continue to flash says the file not found i already replace the old one with newest recently fixes unlocked bios. still has the same error
  11. @ michael thank you very much and also to svl7. willing to donate again if this is fixed great job guys thank you
  12. @ michael That what i did i flashed the official A11 Bios then i flashed the unlocked A11 bios. still ths same error
  13. Urban_225 did you successfully flash it? how did you renamed it?
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