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  1. I got the same error too. Used BIOSfixer to generate a new R81C8fix.ROM file from the backed up & modded rom file, booted to DOS using the the usb, ran the prr tool, no error message, ran the command fpt -f R81C8fix.ROM -bios = error
  2. After doing the bios mod, I am sure the tempretures will rise, specifically in the CPU. Is there anyway I can increase the cooling of the laptop to avoid over heating?
  3. I am planning to upgrade my desktop to Win8 Pro, but my only concern is the drivers for my motherboard. Asus does not provide them officially on their website maybe due to the motherboard being outdated. Just wondering if someone who has the same motherboard faced any issues with Win8 installation.
  4. Kingston SSDNow 200 V+ 240GB Sorry, I only did sequential test
  5. I am just wondering if anybody is also working on re-enabling the SATAIII option in the latest BIOS files as Sony disabled that feature for no apparent reason.
  6. thanks a lot for making the bios hack, but what is the risk if I flash this BIOS. Is there a possibilty that I will brick my system?
  7. Hi svl7, I am trying to download the tool, but I am getting an error message from the forum stating that I do not have enough privileges
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