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  1. 1. Typically you need to test your overclocks to make sure they are valid before expecting them to run games with stability. Download stress testing programs for the GPU such as Unigine Heaven/Valley or FutureMark 3D Mark to test stability of overclocks on core and memory. 2. Changing clocks while a game is running is not typically advised and can cause crashing issues such as what happened to you. 3. Overclocking is a your mileage may vary type of thing. Not everyone can have the same overclocks even with the same settings and be stable, this is why you test your overclocks to see what works for your system.
  2. Are you using the Lenovo Dynamic Graphics power profile? If not, the GPU will not clock to the higher performance profile set by SL7 in the custom video bios.
  3. Yeah, just swapped the cards. I didn't bother testing the stock wifi card at all, so I don't have any data on signal increase or lower pings. AFAIK, the Intel 6300 is typically better than most Atheros cards, which is what I believe came in our units.
  4. Yes. Works flawlessly for me. I did purchase a third antenna a while back when I used the 6300 on a previous laptop.
  5. My mistake... I was thinking of my desktop GTX 670. I was able to clock the memory on the GTX 660M to 2900MHZ.
  6. I don't have any concrete numbers for the increase, but I was able to overclock my GTX 660M to 1200MHZ core and 3600MHZ on the memory. That's enough for a bump in graphic options for most games to run in 1080P.
  7. Originally Posted by svl7 Damn, forgot to change this... you'll need to modifiy the platform file, first line in the 'common flash' section -> change RESSEN to RESSDIS and try again.
  8. You'll need to edit the platform.ini file. Change "RESSEN" to "RESSDIS"
  9. I overclocked mine to 1200MHz and +350MHz on the memory. No problems yet, but temperatures do hit the upper 70C range.
  10. Modified 2.07 bios works perfectly. Currently using an Intel 6300 WiFi card with no issues. I did have to modify that platform.ini file as I flashed from another modified 2.07 bios that was listed earlier in the thread.
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