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  1. Thanks for your quick reply! When you find the time would you be able to create a modded BIOS with only the device whitelist removed and no other modifications in addition to the other two currently available on page 1? That would be great! And I hope I'm not asking too much, but would you be willing to write a short step-by-step guide on how to remove the device whitelist from this particular BIOS including the tools you used? I'd really appreciate it as I'd like to know how to remove the whitelist so I can do it myself for future new BIOS releases Thanks in advance! Cheers Agorath
  2. Hey svl7 thank you so much for all your effort so far! I bought myself a Y580 last week with no OS pre-installed, the BIOS version it was shipped with is 2.0.7. I know someone already asked for a modified version of 2.0.7 a week ago, I just wanted to check if you found the time of doing a modified version or if you are still planning on doing so? Thanks in advance! Edit: I flashed the "Lenovo_Y480_Y580_-_BIOS_V.206_[unlocked][no whitelist]" BIOS and my Intel Ultimate-N 6300 was working just fine. Yet I sadly had big problems with the NVIDIA GPU: - The NVIDIA driver and 3D programs kept crashing constantly - Artifacts in 3D scenes After flashing the modified BIOS I just loaded the setup defaults and didn't change anything. Anyone else experiencing similar problems? After reverting back to the stock Lenovo 2.0.7 (5DCN40WW) BIOS everything was working just fine again.
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